Bank Robbery Attack In Otun Ekiti: Robbers Kill Heritage Bank Manager & 3 Others

bank robbery attack ekiti

November 11, 2016 – Otun Ekiti Armed Robbery Attack: Robbers Kill Heritage Bank Manager & 3 Others

Not less than 4 people lost their lives in Ekiti state today after some dare devils attacked a bank.

The victims of this tragic robbery attack were shot dead today at Heritage Bank in Otun Ekiti.

The robbers reportedly carted away a huge sum of money from Heritage Bank during the operation.

Here is what Otun Ekiti traditional ruler, Oba Popoola told press men few hours ago:

“I was relaxing with my chiefs in front of the palace when we heard what first sounded like some fireworks and we dismissed it as some of the children’s antics as a result of the festive period.

“But later, we heard heavier and more shocking sounds that resembled gunshots and explosives
“That was when we realised it was no child’s play as gunshots and explosives rang loud all over the place.

“I couldn’t really rationalise the incident as we ruminated on whether it was a robbery, Boko Haram attack or some form of war.
“We later learnt that the robbers planted their men at the four entry points leading into the town”,

“The Heritage Bank Manager and cashier, security man at Unity Bank and my own night guard were all killed in the operation
”I immediately reported the case to the governor and he mobilised the security operatives who promptly followed up the governor’s instruction.

“But by the time the reinforcement came, the robbers had left the scene,’’
”The border towns and local government areas should be given very tight security so that such incidents do not happen again.
“Government should put in more efforts into ensuring the protection of lives and property,’’.

The bodies of the victims have been deposited at Usi Ekiti General Hospital mortuary.

May their souls rest in peace.

5 thoughts on “Bank Robbery Attack In Otun Ekiti: Robbers Kill Heritage Bank Manager & 3 Others

  1. Look at what these dare devils did to very innocent people. When they are caught, you will hear them begging for forgiveness and blaming the devil. You guys days are numbered. Rest in peace angels! Those fullish robbers most pay for your blood.

    • Sola Olaniyi, every body prays that these vicious robbers be caught and brought to justice but the problem is these notorious bandits have a way of bribing themselves out of Justice system. It is really sad that most of these repeated criminals were let go after serving few prison time. I have read about harden criminals who have been re-arrested more than three times. It makes no sense arresting these bastards and let them go back to the street. I don’t know how our government will fix this but, if these people are not going to be killed immediately, it doesn’t worth arresting them.

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