Beware Of Armadillos, They Transmit Leprosy To Humans – Florida Health Officials Warn

armadillos leprosy

July 24, 2015 – Beware Of Armadillos, They Pass Leprosy To Humans –  Florida Health Officials Warn

Florida health experts have warned people to avoid contact with Armadillos because they breed dangerous bacteria capable of transmitting leprosy to humans.

The President of Duval Medical Society , Sunil Joshi told WJAX TV that people should not take the warning lightly

“It is still very, very unlikely to cause problems but be aware of armadillos and stay away from the. 9 of the Florida leprosy cases involved people who had come into close contact with armadillos. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns on its website that humans can contract the disease from armadillos.”

Leprosy also called Hansen’s disease is a harmful bacterial that makes human skin dryer, thicker. It causes lesions and growths. It can be cured with powerful antibiotics.