Bimbo Akinsanya Heavily Pregnant With 2nd Child As Son Marks 1st Birthday

bimbo akinsanya pregnant second child

June 22, 2016 – Bimbo Akinsanya Heavily Pregnant With Another Baby As Son Marks 1st Birthday

The Nollywood actress who recently celebrated her son’s first birthday is set to give birth again.

The busy mother of one who took some time out to raise a family is expecting her second child.

Check out latest photos of heavily pregnant Bimbo Akinsanya and her friend, a fellow actress below.

Some women no dey waste time.

Congrats to her.

12 thoughts on “Bimbo Akinsanya Heavily Pregnant With 2nd Child As Son Marks 1st Birthday

  1. I think some women still need more education and counseling on child spacing. Child spacing is healthy for the mother,the child and even the unborn baby

  2. There is nothing wrong with having a baby close to the previous one, if the mother is in good health. A woman who started having children late (30s) does not need to leave too much space between having her babies, especially if she only plans to have two. Children born close to each other also tend to have a bond and are very close (like twins). Do what you have to do and move on with your other schedules while making money to raise them. Best wishes for a safe delivery, healthy baby and mother, Bimbo.

  3. madam where did u buy the filler u use fill all the pot-holes on ur face dat makes u look like a buch-baby, pls ma dont allow dat ur one year old son to look at ur face to avoid convosion.

  4. @ Lola u said it all! There is notthing bad in having, close to each other when there is health challenge for d mother

  5. i’m sure she knows wat she is up to. just like mercy johnson. all d babies wit one dad not different fathers. even if anythin happens btw dem in d future.

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