Bizzare Obituary Poster Of A Ghanaian Man Goes Viral

ghanaian man obituary poster

June 22, 2016 – Ghanaian Millionaire Obituary Poster Goes Viral: Confusion As Bernard Oduro Goes Home With A Bottle Of Beer

This obituary poster of a Ghanaian man has gone viral.

Bernard Oduro died of alcohol addiction last year at the age of 51 and was buried in June.

The obituary poster of the father of seven sipping his bottle of beer is about to break the internet.

Chai! people wicked o why use this photo of him on his obituary poster?

21 thoughts on “Bizzare Obituary Poster Of A Ghanaian Man Goes Viral

  1. It is not wickedness. There is no better way to preach to a degenerate world that alcohol addiction can undo life.

  2. @james paul u said its not wrong to show what killed the man on his poster abi,ok i concur, but what if the man was sex addict and died when having sex should his family members take his picture when having sex to do his burial poster so dat we wil know what kil him?

  3. He died doing what he loved most – BEER! Whatever makes you happy, keep doing it (as long as it is legal). Life is too short, I beg. If he didn’t die of alcohol, he could have died in his sleep or be hit by a car on the road. However, too much of anything can be fatal. Maybe his family deliberately used that photo as a warning to other alcoholics. You just cannot please everyone. He has finally gone to rest.

  4. @ Ola sex addiction can kill…..well it seems u re one so b/c u re still alive….dat is y u re b***ing out s**t

  5. Unless he permitted them to use this picture for his burial, they shouldn’t have. It is distasteful and disrespectful. They may think it is funny or appropriate now due to the nature of his death but they will look back at this in a couple years and not be so amused.

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