Black Out In Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross River & Akwa Ibom States As National Power Grid Collapses

national power grid collapses nigeria

June 20, 2016 – Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross River & Akwa Ibom States In Total Blackout As National Power, Electricity Grid Collapses

The collapse of the National Power Grid has put four Nigerian states in total darkness.

According to the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, residents of Bayelsa, Cross River, Rivers and Akwa Ibom States are currently experiencing unstable power supply because of the collapse of the National Power Grid.

PHED Spokesperson, Jonah Iboma said the grid which collapsed yesterday will affect the 4 states until something is done to it at the national level.

He added that PHED is ready to supply light to customers who are willing to pay.

8 thoughts on “Black Out In Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross River & Akwa Ibom States As National Power Grid Collapses

  1. Tell me, which state in Nigeria do we have constant power supply? Mchew everywhere in the country is in total darkness.

  2. Very good. The one whom a coconut is broken on his head does not partake in the eating. Let the avengers continue to blast everything.

  3. The grid only collapsed yesterday? The power outage started years before yesterday so please don’t frighten people into thinking you only noticed the darkness yesterday.
    On second thoughts, now you have noticed the power failure, how long from”yesterday” should the people expect light?

  4. PLEASE DIRECT THIS BLOG TO APPROPRIATE AUTHORIZED BODY IF YOU CAN HELP THAT WAY IT WILL BE GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY, THANKS. We can help with the power situation in our Country by employing solar and wind technology like in the advance Countries of the World. We as Nigerian have the technical know how to help. We will train Nigerians and create jobs for our teaming youths and we will supply uninterrupted power supply to boost the Nigeria economy. Individuals, companies, Local, States and Federal Government authorized representatives can reach us by phone or email for further information. We are Solar Professionals based here in the US. Nigeria is blessed with abundance of sun and wind therefore we should have no shortage of electricity what so ever. We must empower our beloved Country despite the challenges we face but Nigeria must invest in critical infrastructures like alternative energy. Nigeria belong to all of us and we must do our part to make it great.

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