Blessing Okagbare Banned From Rio 2016 Olympics For Refusing To Run For Nigeria At All Africa Games

blessing okagbare banned rio 2016 olympics

Sept 9, 2015 – NSC Bans Blessing Okagbare From Rio 2016 Olympics For Refusing To Represent Nigeria At All Africa Games 2015 In Congo

Nigeria’s most popular female athlete, Blessing Okagbare has been banned from representing Nigeria at the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics by the Nigerian National Sports Commission, NSC.

This disciplinary action came after the queen of tracks refused to run for Nigeria in the 200 meter of the recently concluded IAAF in Beijing China.

Okagbare was Nigeria’s final hope of getting a medal at the event before she messed up and came final in the 100m race. The shock she got from the 100m race might have prevented her from showing up at the 200m event that held 4 days later.

Okagbare also announced that she will not be representing Nigeria at the 11th All Africa Games in Congo.

Last Thursday, Okagbare was spotted at Zurich Diamond League few days after she refused to represent Nigeria in Beijing.

All these drama have proved to the National Sports Commission (NSC) and the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) that Okagbare is no longer interested in running for Nigeria.

She has been banned from the upcoming Rio 2016 for being unpatriotic.

12 thoughts on “Blessing Okagbare Banned From Rio 2016 Olympics For Refusing To Run For Nigeria At All Africa Games

  1. If Nigeria is not pays her well, how are you want make she kill herself for Nigeria bicos of running? Na she ban Nigeria. No be Nigeria was ban her.

  2. Blessing Okagbare is probably coming to the realities of life that its not easy to be loving wife to a husband, commited to the bedroom marital obligations while at the same time tries to excel on the field, the two tasks are a difficult ones to combine though. Okagbare has not done too well ever since she became a wife and so Nigerians should be patient with her to carefully negotiate the two combinations as a wife and to rediscover her form again.

  3. Aunty Bleble why na? Make u no dey do guy wit ur talent o! Na God give u that special talent to bless ur nation. I think nigerians should learn not to put their eggs in one basket. There are many good athletics out there, don’t just depend on one particular person.

  4. NSC please leave her alone. Must she run for when you can’t take care of needs and owe salaries. Your inhumane gor the ban.

  5. I hate that and i think NSC should reconsider the decision. I am not supporting Blessing but we must know that sometimes circumstances forces athletes not to compete. I saw her running for 100m and i was surprise with the result; it was clear to me that she wasn’t in good shape otherwise she could be among the top five. Lets not always harrass those athletes instead they need our support. I am cameroonian and i saw many of our athletes renouncing to their citizenship as a result of harassment from our federation. Okagbare is already a model for younger generation in Nigeria and banning her is a risk of breaking their hope.

  6. This is the beginning of the end, but let her end well. If the remuneration is not good enough then she should voice out. These lady suppose to be celebrated not humiliation.

  7. We should all be ashamed of ourselves as a Nation. Nigeria is a Country of about 180 millions and we can only produce one Okagbare and instead of trying to support her, all you can do is to fire her. NSC and Athletic commission, are you folks out of your damn mind with your fucked up entity?. I was watching NBC sport about few weeks ago, London 2015, I saw only one Athlete from Nigeria who was Blessing Okagbare , I was looking out for other sprinters, but we could not produce one. Now you want to ban this girl for what? upon all she has done for this Country, all you can do is to show her an exit door. She is just being patriot otherwise, she should have renounced her citizenship and opt for a better Country where she can be appreciated. In the Caribbean Countries especially Jamaica their population is only 2.8 million yet they produce the best sprinter in the World Usain Bolt. Now they already warming up another Usain. All fucked up people at NSC all you know is to embezzle Athletes money. Shame on you folks at NSC.

  8. Shame on Nigeria. You make me sick. She is refusing to run for you because you want pay her. Disgusting. A woman if her talent would win gold everytime if you’d properly support her, financially and physically. I hate my people sometimes.

  9. Mr Jilo more knowledge, wisdom and understanding for you. A brilliant comment. There are so many ladies out there who can perform excellently.

  10. A workman is worthy of her pay. NSC search your conscience and tell the truth to shame Satan; have you been encouraging Nigeria’s athletes or have you been withholding their entitlements while expecting them to perform magicall feats on empty stomach?
    Even our footballers have a running battle with the authorities over their pay, same scenario between indigenous coaches and the powers that be. Even funding trips to athletics events are not complied with in good time to allow them put in best efforts. As the saying goes, a hungry man is not well disposed to listening to preachings….. Hence the feeding of the five thousand etc in the Holy Bible, and listening to preaching does not require the energy athletic activities need. Learn from the Good Book and stop frustrating our own people. Please re-visit that decision you made banning this girl and remember that if you kill the torch bearer of your village you cannot question God as to why you remain in the dark.

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