Divorce Drama: Cheating Wife Breaks Down In Court, Begs Husband For Another Chance

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Sept 9, 2015 – Divorce Drama: Cheating Wife Breaks Down In Court, Begs Husband For Another Chance

A mild drama took place at an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court on Tuesday, as a 40-year-old wife, Mrs Owolabi Tinuke burst into tears during cross-examination in the divorce suit instituted by her husband, Olumuyiwa. Tinuke pleaded with the court that she was ready to make amends wherever she might have made mistakes.

The husband, Owolabi who lives at No. 14, Fashanu Crescent, Similoluwa Ado-Ekiti, filed the divorce suit at an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court to his wife, Tinuke.

Olumuyiwa is seeking the dissolution on ground of alleged adultery by his wife, saying that he had caught his wife on several occasions with different men.

NAN recalls that during the first hearing on Aug. 18, the respondent, Tinuke, 40 denied all the allegations levelled against her by her husband.

She said that all the men that her husband accused her of were either his family members or childhood friends, who she met some on social media.

Tinuke said that her husband was in the habit of beating her and did not provide food for the family, but paid the school fees of the children.

At the resumption of the case on Tuesday, Counsel to the petitioner, Mr B.T. Oluwole cross-examined the wife.

But instead of the wife to respond to the questions posed to her by the counsel, she burst into tears and pleaded with the court not to dissolve her marriage.

She said it was shameful seeing the home she successfully built for 11years about to hit the rock, calling on the husband to give her another chance.

After the wife had been cross-examined by the counsel due to the intervention of the President of the Court, Joseph Ogunsemi, the case was adjourned to Sept. 19 for judgment.


4 thoughts on “Divorce Drama: Cheating Wife Breaks Down In Court, Begs Husband For Another Chance

  1. She deserves another chance! Oga Judge Pls don’t dissolve the marriage o! But madam abeg face ur marriage and beg oga 4 forgiveness.

  2. Husband, make you forgiving her bicos to hair is woman but to forgive is the man. She has cry and pipul are see am. So make you give upon to her another chance. Na why is me say so? I am say so bicos when two pipul was fighted bifor and come to make peace again, na that time wey love sweet pass o. Is even sweet pass afang soup. When she is look you with love eyes and you are look her with love eye also, no be persin go tell the two both of you to enter bedroom and lok door to do something wey sweet pass okro soup or ewedu. Sometimes I go even beat my girl friend when she no do me anything so that when we are come together again and I tell her sorry and she also tell me sorry, our love go strong pass boko haram. My heart go do gbim gbim gbim. Blood go pump reach every where for my body. I go be like horse or animal wey want to do. Woman dey sweet o. I no know the kyn shugar wey dey there.

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