Boat Explosion In Victoria Island Lagos Killed 1, 9 Injured Victims Rescued


boat explosion victoria island lagos

August 18, 2014 – Boat Explosion In Victoria Island Lagos Killed 1, 9 Injured Victims Rescued

One person has passed away while 9 others got injured on Saturday when a boat exploded in Victoria Island in Lagos state Nigeria.

The explosion that happened around Walter Carrington Way reportedly killed one.

The boat that took off from Lekki was heading towards Apapa when the disaster struck trapping 10 people on board.

The remains of one of the victims identified as Emmanuel Onu has been recovered from the waters as divers search for more bodies of other victims.

There were conflict­ing figures as to the actual number of those who died in the incident. While the police authorities in La­gos maintained that only one person died, relations of the passengers insisted that they were yet to know where those that were al­legedly rescued were taken.

One of the relations, who spoke to reporters alleged that the owners of the boat told him on Friday that his brother was among those rescued and that he had been taken to an undisclosed hospital where he was being treated but only for him to receive a call yesterday that the body of his brother had been re­covered from the water.

“I am sad and short of words because I was ex­pecting that the owners of the boat would take us to the hospital where Emman­uel Onu was being treated only for them to tell me that he died in the water and that his body had been found,” he said.

Some operators of com­mercial boats in the area said that the in­cident occurred when the operator of the boat tried to refuel before Mekuen area.

“It was in the process of refuelling that the vessel exploded, trapping all the passengers on board,” one of them said