Bola Tinubu’s Youngest Daughter Graduates From Music School In Boston, USA (Photos)

tinubu daughter graduates

May 12, 2013 – Bola Tinubu’s Youngest Daughter Graduates From Music College In Boston, USA (Pictures)

Abibat Tinubu, the youngest daughter of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has graduated from a music college in Boston, Massachusetts, US.

The reknown leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria, his wife Senator Oluremi Tinubu and their other daughter travelled to America yesterday to support Abibat.

All na money talk… So she no see any good music school in Naija. These people sabi Oyinbo land well well.

All the same a big congrats to Abibat.

6 thoughts on “Bola Tinubu’s Youngest Daughter Graduates From Music School In Boston, USA (Photos)

  1. Abibat congrat bt let me ask dnt we(d Nigerians) av a gud music skul ova here? Wel same sha congrat

  2. Awon WERE e no go beta 4 una so your daughter no fit school for naija – come dey proud say she go read music for America come tell me where D’banji and P.Square go read their own

    If American politicians dey steal money as you dey steal NAIJA money you fools think say your stupid daughter go fit go school for America wey use their own money to build good university wey no dey shut every day because of strike like Ife Uni or UNILAG. MAY THE ANGER OF GOD AROSE ON ALL THE POLITICIANS THAT BETRAY NAIJA LAND AND ALL THE POLITICIAN THAT SENT NAIJA CITIZENS TO MODERNISATION OF SLAVERY ABROAD. because if naija politicians be like England or American politicians wey no dey steal the money that belongs to the care of the citizens I no go dey struggle to leave go country way no get resources like Naija land.

    Bola Tinibu daughter go school for America idiot, why she no go study music the bastard no get brain to study Medicine as she don no say him tout baba don steal enough money for them to survive.



    • I wonder oo.Do people read music these days when the likes of Michael jackson,Maradona, Tuface, Sunny Ade never went to music school. Let them keep wasting our money.

  3. Although Tinubu was doing well before he came back from USA to join Naija politics, but ruling Lagos for eight good yrs no be joke and Oluremi Ayaba too is now a Senator, do you know how much a Senator earns per month? In fact, Abibat suppose to have run two courses simultaneously from USA and Europe. Carry go jooooooo!

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