Buhari Dismisses, Son Yusuf Buhari Bodyguard, DSS Operative Who Allowed Him To Go For Bike Race

buhari dismisses son bodyguard

January 8, 2018 – DSS Security Operatives Dismissed For Allowing Yusuf Buhari To Sneak Out For Bike Racing At Friend’s Place The Night He Had Accident

Yusuf Buhari Bodyguard, DSS Security Operatives Who Allowed Him To Go For Bike Race At Friend’s Place On Day Of Crash Dismissed

The only son of President Buhari who had a security bike accident on boxing day is still in serious condition at the hospital.

According to Daily Post, Yusuf, who is attached with three operatives from the Department of State Service (DSS) reportedly struck a deal with his security details, who allowed him to always sneak out in the night for racing at Gwandu’s place.

The operatives, against their pattern of operation and procedure of duty perpetually rolled out their daily reports without that aspect of Yusuf’s movement, the compromise that got President Buhari seriously infuriated.

We however learnt that the three operatives have since been shown out of the service.

A source at the yellow house, who confirmed the development said the affected operatives were first suspended indefinitely and later dismissed.

10 thoughts on “Buhari Dismisses, Son Yusuf Buhari Bodyguard, DSS Operative Who Allowed Him To Go For Bike Race

  1. Bribery is at the root of this. I believe Yusuf must have used money to bribe the security operative to let him go out.


  3. NIGERIANS BEHOLD Your president! So with the level of uneployment in the country, he is still adding to the number by dismissing 3 people on thesame day for the sturbborness of this his yusuf of a child.
    Ha! Na wa o…
    Are we really save in this country?

    I take a stroll…

  4. Nobody will understand how confuse someone can be when leaving with a father figure instead of his/her real father….

    Now they were dismissed from service to become professional kidnappers.
    Boy get well soon so that efcc will find out how you get money to buy those bike.

  5. Were they supposed to tie him down to restrain him? Isn’t Yusuf adult enough to know right from wrong? So Mr President, you are looking for scapegoats to blame for your son’s waywardness and sloppy upbringing? Remember those people have families to feed and children to train. An eye opener for parents who spoil their children. May our enemies not rejoice over us. I pray God gives that boy a second chance, ameen.

  6. this is 9ja for you, if u stop the president son from doing what he want to do,it will become a problem, if allowed him it will become another problem, OK men of DSS, no problem God is watching.

  7. kaddara ta Riga fata,let’s just say Alhadulillah to his health and even alive,what if?amma Allah ya kiyaye na haba,we can see or hear that is what Alhaji Yusuf normally do but northing usually happened to him till this very time, let appreciate Allah Amin.

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