Buhari Promises To Expose Names Of Looters, Corrupt Politicians On May 29, 2016

buhari expose looters names

May 15, 2016 – Buhari Promises To Expose Names Of Corrupt Nigerians Who Looted The Treasury Dry On May 29, 2016

President Buhari has vowed to expose the corrupt Nigerians who have looted Nigeria dry on the 29th of May 2016.

PMB said he will use his first year in office anniversary to list all the names of the looters who will be prosecuted by the EFCC.

He also said he has ordered Chief of Naval Staff to fish out the Niger Delta Militants blowing up oil installations in the Niger Delta region.

24 thoughts on “Buhari Promises To Expose Names Of Looters, Corrupt Politicians On May 29, 2016

  1. May God protect you till that date! Looters would try some Africanized psychokinesis (edi in Yorubaland) on this man, folks, the president needs our prayers!

    • @ Danti, I can’t believe you will be among those people who believe in diabolical way AKA African Voodoo to twist situation of things around. Here is the rule of thumb, if you believe in that negative power, that voodoo will affect you negatively. If you don’t believe in that power of darkness, trust me that juju will never have any impact in you. If you align with God that devilish power will fail and disappear. That is the reason why most of Nigerians politician are deepening themselves more in trouble because some fake voodoo priest( Babalawo)will deceive them that go and bring 7 people for ritual so that they will become the next president or senator. At the end of the day these agent of Lucifer will continue to deceive them to bring more people for ritual, that is why we have more ritualist in this Country than any other nation on the face of earth. Now check this out, if there is truly Juju, the white people would never have succeeded in taking us as slave. During the South Africa Apatheid era, Obasanjo publicly gave a suggestion to use Juju against white supremacist but it didn’t work because those people did not believe in that. Not until when America and other western world intervene to put an end to Apatheid upheaval. We black race have been making that mistake thinking we can solve many situation through voodoo, that is wrong and again that was the reason God gave us as slaves to white people because we believe so much in Demi-God such as Ogun (God of Iron) Sango ( God of Thunder) and others. Another example is about those Drug dealers they got deceived by some native Doctor to hide that drug that nobody will search them upon getting to some no-nonsense Countries, they apprehend them and sentence them to death. Brother, the bottom line is do not deviate in God’s path. If you are a Christian or a Muslim, try to hold your believe to God and you will prevail. On May 29 as Buhari have said those corrupt people names will be publish and nothing will happen aftermath.

      • Chief Jilo, all I asked for is protection via prayers. If you know the calibre of the people that had “magushi” the country, then you will agree with me.

        • @ Danti I understand what you meant about those mighty Mafias but trust me they will fail. They may appear like giants or some warriors that can pull down the wall of Jerico but they are going to be disappointed. When it’s time for God pass his judgement, nobody can hinder him. Those people are just mere man mortal and God’s judgement has come upon them. God has never created any man whom he cannot subdue.

  2. Hope in APC too, and those that we all know in his regime, the former PDP…….. & his………

  3. Will that bring a positive change to the current situation of the country? PMB, o ya expose them all, if that’s the next thing to do.

  4. Are you exposing the names that we already know, or the ones we have not yet heard? Doing this might give the EFCC a harder job of having to track those corrupt men down. You know, if I find my name there, for instance, you don’t expect me to sit tight until the EFCC swoops down on me. I’d just do what they call R-U-N-N-O-F-T!

  5. Exposing them when you are not ready to stop suffering people by increasing rate of VAT in everything we consume. Hypocrite is what you are. You promised change for the better, but the reverse is the case. God help us.

  6. Get the firing squad ready. one should be spared, as long as they are guilty beyond a shadow of doubt.

  7. Ride on president Buhari. I hope by exposing them they will lose their respect with the public and in their villages. Please after exposing them, collect all the looted money plus try them in the court of law and if convicted either jail them or give them the China treatment (public execution) to serve as a lesson to others.

  8. I go with you in this PMB, go on…expose them. Remember it doesnt have to be a one sided affair. We have the two major parties in Nigeria, PDP & APC. So, you must act neutral, dont take side with any corrupt leader/ office holder even in

    I take a stroll…

  9. Look at buhari! Who say money is not good? This fulani herdsMAN man who was looking like okporoko before is now looking fresh and more presentable far better than when he was first sworn in about year ago.
    The change really favoured him.

    I take a stroll…


  11. Chain upon chain to Nigerians,promise upon promises to Nigerians where are we heading to,because little or nothing have been achieved since you manoeuvred into that presidential seat. Mr.President,I bet you are not psychologically balance anymore,what does giving the names of looter in may 29 has gotten to do with the numerous predicaments that the masses are facing at the moment.Listing this names,will it alleviate the fuel problem Mr.President or will that solve other problems your people are facing now to mention but a few.I see that you and your co-fantastically corrupt leader are bent on using a one man set-up agency to intimidate and shut your opponents quiet. Obasanjo have sworn to die with Nigerians politics and it’s affairs after setting up EFCC during his tenure as the president just cripple his strong opponents,Mr.President you have joined that train but it must surely grind you to death in due time.Tinubu have sworn to die with the lagos state government after been on record as the No.1 lagos landlord,still producing governors to that seat to suit his devilish plans.Let me stop mentioning because as you also know that there are uncountless but my advice to you Mr.President is to use your time to think out solutions to what your people are facing right now because if you continue making mockery of yourself on social media on the issues of looters,i bet you are not excluded from that list dating back 30years ago from the head of state to petroleum trust fund and so on.Nigerians are seriously and eagerly waiting for the chains to be broken..ask God to help you to break the chains that are holding your people into a freeman slavely,if atall you are on the God’s side. Once again,stop making mockery of yourself and the country and face the reality with a tangible and possible solutions.Put things in place Mr.President.

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