Saraki Says His Net Worth Is $22Million”I Was Richer Than Kwara State Before I Became Governor”

bukola saraki net worth

May 11, 2016 – Bukola Saraki Says His Net Worth Is $22Million”I Was Richer Than Kwara State Before I Became Governor”

Embattled Senate President Saraki told CCT chairman Danladi Umar yesterday that he had no reason to steal or embezzle public money as he was already richer than Kwara State before he became governor in 2003.

He put his net worth as at September 2003 at over N4 billion, $22 million, £12 million and 2.6 Euros in cash, movable and landed assets.

20 thoughts on “Saraki Says His Net Worth Is $22Million”I Was Richer Than Kwara State Before I Became Governor”

  1. This criminal Senate President claimed that he was already richer than Kwara state before he was sworn in as the governor of Kwara state about 16 years ago. What a ridiculous claim from unrepentant and heartless looter. If that is the case why is senator Shola Saraki still collecting salaries and benefits as former governor of Kwara state combined with millions of naira monthly salaries and benefits as a sitting Senator from the same state for the past eight years? Animal dey wear agbada, animals they put on suit as musical legend-Fela Anikulapo Kuti sang in one of popular album years back. It is possible that Saraki worth that much because he was the director of the default Societal Banks that was crested by is deceased father before the bank went bankruptcy. Millions of customers lost their life savings due to the collapse of that bank. However, Shola Saraki used the bank collapse to make himself a very wealthy billionaire while millions of default Societal Bank customers lost all their savings to Saraki’s 419 Banks. Shameless man still boasting about is blood and dirty money. Majority of our politicians are criminals and heartless looters who don’t care about the people’s wellbeing.

  2. @Omokehinde you nailed it all. Hes still boasting about bn richer than kwara state bfor he was sworn in. This man is a capital fool!

  3. See how Saraki is carry 90 lawyer de waka up and down like say they are nama. Saraki is a fulani headman and the 90 lawyer is a namas.

  4. Nigeria is a joke of a country with all the well educated citizens the leadership is corrupt to the teeth.In a civilized society most of the leaders will be serving long jail time but ethnicity has blindfolded most Nigerians and they are gullible. The money and resources that belongs to all is being used by few criminals and their families. What a shame!!!!

  5. we need to respect our leaders. opportunities abound in Nigeria. we all need to be resourceful.Saraki deserves our re

    • @ Alex Ajayi, Do you think Saraki deserves respect? hell no! Saraki is a thief. If this guy worth that amount of money, I don’t see what he’s doing in politics. This guy is a Medical Doctor by profession for crying out loud. In some advance Countries medical doctors make as much as politician because the politicians in those countries are not corrupt as ours. Saraki left his profession and joined politics because he wanted to come steal from his people. If he has hold on to his profession, he would not have been embarrassed in this manner. We human being should not be greedy in life and we should to know our limit. We are just amassing money that we cannot finish spending before we depart this world just because we want to leave some wealth for our great grandchildren and in the process we are depriving others to live a better life. In most cases these kids tend to abandon those properties and end up living in exile.

  6. I feel so bad,each time i see this glorify embesller talking confidently like the country has no law,people of God in nigeria,christian and muslim leaders arise in prayer against this Luthers that are destroying the future of incoming generation of our God giving country,and make sure you dont collect any bribe from anyone of them,God is watching, and forthe authority try an represent nigerian good.

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