Femi Fani Kayode, FFK Passes 2nd Night In EFCC Detention As Agency Secures A Remand Order

fani kayode detained efcc office

May 11, 2016 – Femi Fani Kayode, FFK Remanded At EFCC Underground Cell In Abua As Agency Secures A Remand Order To Keep Him In Detention

The EFCC has officially secured an official document to keep former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode in detention.

As we speak, the fluent social media critic of President Buhari is cooling off at the underground cell of the anti-corruption agency in Abuja.

FFK will stay in detention until the agency conclude all investigation into the N840 Million campaign money he received from PDP in 2015 elections.

See FFK’s last tweet before his arrest..

12 thoughts on “Femi Fani Kayode, FFK Passes 2nd Night In EFCC Detention As Agency Secures A Remand Order

  1. You’d better come up with a plausible explanation for the N840m, otherwise your fearlessness is baseless foolishness. It goes that a clear conscience fears no accusation, but if your conscience isn’t clear yet you have no fear, my brother, I would know that you are just a wonder!

  2. When did FFK, suddenly turn Lord? Just 2 nights and you are singing, by the 7th night you will speak in tongue. yeye they smell.

  3. See how they use religion as a tool. which lord is he talking about i wonder.Just go and face your day of reckoning. no excuses can exonerate you, proof the source of the money if it is legitimate you will be free.

  4. It get wetin I go do for bush and they go just tell Fani Kayode make he go. They go even beg am sef. They go de cry de beg am sef. Even Buhari is follow. But I am not do it bicos Fani Kayode have not pays me money. Is when he was pays me money I am do am. I no want wayo again. I was do am for Dimeji Bankole and he is not pays me til tumoro. Nonsens.

  5. The black race is the most hypocritical race on the face of earth. This guy suddenly shifted his battle to Lord’s battle after 2 days in detention. You didn’t call lord when you were using public money to marry your sweet-sixteen, you did not involve him when you are spending people’s money lavishly buying properties and going to vacation. Now the authority is asking you to come and explain how you got that money and you were saying, they were fighting with the lord. FFK your utterances is ridiculous. You guys always call on God in the last minute to cover your dirty act. Are you even following God’s commandment when he said “love your neighbor as you love yourself”? instead you are spending money that was earmarked for the poor people and you are calling God to come and rescue you. Oh boy if you don’t have a genuine things to say or how to respond to this allegations, you better go and secure a well notable SAN who can help you present your lies in the court of law, otherwise, you are in for long ride. Ole!!

  6. Sorry but most of you writing these negative comments will do same in his position. Is a disease in our nation. Only 1%of individuals are perfect. Except those born outside of Nigeria who never grew up in Nigeria.

    So stop writing as though you are will never steal if placed in such position. Today is his turn tomorrow will be your turn. Sorry I am not supporting him because I do not even know him in person apart from papers.

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