Cameroon Military Secretly Deporting Nigerian Refugees – Says Doctors Without Borders

cameroon military secretly deporting Nigerian refugees

April 19, 2017 – The Doctors Without Borders Says Cameroon Military Secretly Deporting Nigerian Refugees 

The Doctors Without Borders aid group has exposed the secret deportation of Nigerians refugees by the Cameroon’s military.

According to the aid group, several refugees who fled the country due to hunger and violence by Boko Haram are being sent back to Nigeria secretly without the media awareness.

Though the Cameroon Government denied the allegations, the aide agency maintained that several refugees were sent packing from Cameroon this year and last year.

The agency described a dire humanitarian situation in the North Eastern part of the country, the home of Boko  Haram.

The insurgency has left millions of Nigerians facing  hunger.

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