Canada-based Landlady Hires Soldiers To Beat Up & Evict Stubborn Tenant In Yaba Lagos

landlady hires soldiers to evict tenant

April 18, 2017 –Canada-based Nigerian Landlady Hires Soldiers To Beat Up & Evict Stubborn Tenant From Her House In Yaba Lagos Nigeria

See what some military men did to a teacher in Yaba area of Lagos earlier this month.

The victim identified as Ojiah Marleth Adeiza was beaten to stupor on the 2nd of April days after he refused to corporate with his landlady based in Canada.

On the order of the landlady simply identified as Olawunmi, two soldiers beat Adeiza to a point where blood was gushing out of every part of his body.

At the point of death, he begged the soldiers to allow him get a taxi to move out his properties.

This is what the victim who reported the attack to Yaba Police station told reporters:

7 thoughts on “Canada-based Landlady Hires Soldiers To Beat Up & Evict Stubborn Tenant In Yaba Lagos

  1. Their is certainly no discipline among this GODOGODO men on uniform. They’ve become so cheap that any civilian can now use them for their selfish gain. This soldiers must have been given some incentive by the canadian based landlady to carry out this heinous act. What a humiliating profession army has now become. Rather than be a protector of the public, our Nigerian Army have become destructive instrument and a threat to civilian population in the country. What a shame on you weak Nigerian Soldiers.

  2. I don’t support what the Canada based landlady did because nobody knows tomorrow but some tenants are terrible, they also don’t think about tomorrow if the reverse is the case.

  3. The way they beat you is not good but will need to heard from landlady too .Because in my own property some tenant did not rent 12months,6monts. Some tenant donot like to pay rent all.Always complianing about economy

  4. Chai! Canada based people are trending for all the wrong reasons….be it fake certificate fron Toronto or trysts with married pastors and now hired assailants to ” teach tenant some sense”…… Una try a beg!

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