CBN Orders Banks To Ban Nigerians From Using Debit & Credit Cards Abroad

cbn ban nigerians credit cards abroad

December 21, 2015 – CBN Orders Banks To Ban Nigerians From Using Debit & Credit Cards Abroad, Outside Nigeria

Come January 1st 2016, all Nigerians will have no access to their debit and credit cards outside the country.

The CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) today sent a directive to all banks to put the temporary measure in place in order to obstruct the flow of foreign exchange out of Nigeria.

8 thoughts on “CBN Orders Banks To Ban Nigerians From Using Debit & Credit Cards Abroad

  1. rubbish, so we in d diaspora should not save our money in our account in nigeria anymore? stupid decisions and foolish government.

  2. I will not save money again in my Nigeria acct, when i go home,i close all my acct and my kids acct,backward country.i will not send big money home,only loads that i will sale and use over their, let we in Diaspora stop sending big money home and see hwo they will get euro,pounds and dollar in all corner,then hausa man changeing will move backhome ,no job again for him,then he will go and join Boko,give naija more wahala.only problem i have with this new Govt, is bank issue,not first time, they stop Card outside naija,later they open , after over 2 month or so,now again, useless.they should take naija govt euro,pounds ,dollar from Dasuki and is gangs,we in diaspora work hard for our money,to do business @ home, anytime we need our money, we dont have to travell home,so ATM card help us.

  3. OMG dis country can never grow, instead of them issuing law on necessary things, why this, or do they want us to carry our money everywhere we go, what is d essence of coming to your country to do business then open an account their for easy transaction when u travel back to ur abode, this is rubbish.

  4. This is very stupid , what about students who their parent have to send them tuition using their debit and credit cards to do so,this is total rubbish

  5. This country keeps moving backwards
    We can never grow with ppl like this in the govt
    This is the stupidest of it all

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