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Chacha Eke Faani Talks About Child Birth, Parents In New Interview

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Chacha Eke Faani Talks About Child Birth, Parents In New Interview

chacha eke interview

July 26, 2015 – Chacha Eke Faani Talks About Child Birth, Politician Father & Lawyer Mother In New Interview

See excerpts from recent interview Nollywood actress Chacha Eke had with The Entertainer.

How has life been for you as a wife, mother and career woman?

Life has been beautiful and fulfilling. Admittedly, it’s not been easy striking a balance between the home front and field work but it’s being rewarding and worth it all the way.

There are many scary tales about the labour room. Could you share your experience with us?

As the name implies, labour is hard work; it’s not child’s play. But I was ready for it. God was and still is on my side and my faith was intact. The hospital was a very good one and my hubby was grinning from ear to ear in excitement and anticipation. Labour was quite an experience I must confess. Childbirth itself is a defining moment for every woman. It changed my life and my perception of things around me.

Your father, Professor John U. Eke, a former gubernatorial aspirant was recently appointed Commissioner of Education in Ebonyi State, how does that make you feel?

Blessed is how we all feel about it. It’s a divine appointment and he’s the best man for the job. His input to Ebonyi State when he was the chairman of the state’s Primary Education Board was very positive. Also, he was former Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Education, Ebonyi State University. The current Ebonyi State governor, Engineer Dave Umahi is a brilliant man and he’s pulling to himself brilliant men to join forces with him and push Ebonyi State forward.

chacha eke parents

Your mother is also a barrister and you’re an accountant. How has your background affected your career and circle of colleagues?

It’s been pretty cool.

In your latest movie, Amuche Business Tycoon, You played a character you have never play before? How were you able to deliver?

I am an actress. Art is deep and vast so showcasing different sides of my craft is what makes me a professional. Also, I’m an Igbo girl so it wasn’t challenging playing Amuche because in our everyday lives there is an Amuche. I am proud of the movie and I hear my fans in Nnewi are also proud of it too.

Have you ever read anything about yourself in the media that was untrue?

Being popular comes with a lot of dust. Musicians, actors, politicians and even religious leaders usually have rumours, controversies and scandals trailing them; it comes with the job. But like I always say, rumours don’t affect bank accounts. Outlining or addressing them would seem like an exoneration scheme. If I don’t talk about it then it doesn’t exist.

How do you stay in shape as an actress?

I eat right and work out.

What determines your fashion sense?

I am not a conventional dresser. Sometimes, my dress sense reflects several sides of my personality. Sometimes my mood dictates how I dress. Sometimes, where I am headed and what event is at hand could determine how I want to appear. Also, I’m not a name-brand fashionista. As long as I’m comfortable in it and I look good, I’m good to go.

You never took a break after childbirth like most actresses do. Why couldn’t you wait?

Post natal life for a career woman is usually a personal decision. Civil servants go on maternity leave for about three-months or less then resume work. Resuming work doesn’t mean the baby is uncared for. It always boils down to what one wants; it’s a personal decision like I said.

What projects are you working on currently?

I have a lot actually. But at the moment, Glitterati Iconic Media is going public in a couple of weeks. The C.E.O will announce it himself. I am Head, A&R; a huge position in the company. In addition, I have a hair extension business coming up and a black skin inspired modeling outfit; it’s still in the works though.

Are men still chasing you now that you are married and a mother?

I have people that love and appreciate me and I call them my lovers. They make my day on a daily basis. When I run into them on locations or on social media they make my day. Seeing a 60 year-old man or woman in a remote village excited to behold my face in flesh and blood is mind blowing. When little kids returning from school see me and they start screaming my name in excitement is overwhelming. When I’m at the airports and fans reach out to me for hugs, pictures or request that I speak to their friends or family to prove that they were with me is humbling. Some have blessed me with gifts; it’s all so overwhelming and humbling.

What message do you have for your fans?

I love them and the love is coming straight from my heart because they keep me going. I am on the screen because of them and I always pray for them.

What’s your advice for up-and-coming thespians?

First, let me congratulate them for daring to dream. Dreamers are achievers. The road to success is tricky and rough. Even if you fail and fall, get back up and continue because you’re a conqueror.

[Interview by Christian Agadibe]

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  1. Debby Omaseun

    July 26, 2015 at 2:41 AM

    Her mother is beautiful, dad look like a randy man

  2. Adams

    July 26, 2015 at 6:16 PM


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