Charles Okocha Igwe 2Pac: I Dated A White Lady But Didn’t Marry Her, I Have A Girlfriend

charles okocha dated white lady

July 23, 2016 – Charles Okocha Igwe 2Pac Denies She Married White Woman, Actor Recounts How God Healed Him Of Fatal Gunshot Wound

Excerpts from Charles Okocha’s recent chat with The Telegraph.

How have you been able to achieve near perfect recovery after the gunshot incident?

I would say it is the Grace of God upon my life. I was shot by a mobile policeman who wanted to greet me, but the gun fell from his hand. He was stupidly drunk. I was shot six times but the other guy who got just one bullet died. I had to hold my intestines with my hand, it was a very horrifying experience. I did not get to the hospital till after an hour and I was bleeding seriously. I thank God that the bullet removed from my leg did not hit my bone because I could have been crippled.

Three major surgeries were performed on me. After the stitches were removed and I was due for discharge, my stomach suddenly burst out again, exposing all my intestines. People always say surviving gunshot wound is not easy, but mine healed rapidly.

Though the doctors did their best too, God perfected everything. I held a party two weeks ago at Light House in Surulere, Lagos, because there are reasons to celebrate. I was shot in December 27, 2015, at a wedding ceremony in Nnewi, Anambra State.

Before the gunshot, you had an accident. Were you not worried for your life?

Nobody in that situation wouldn’t have such fear. The accident was like six months before the gunshot incident. If you see the car, you will not believe there was a survivor. The gunshot experience was so horrifying too, I went through hell. I was hospitalised for two months and this is something people don’t always survive.

You can see yourself that I don’t limp and I am in good condition. Though I was so courageous even at the time my intestines opened up, I was calling on God to take control. Something just told me I would come out of the horrifying situation. Quite a lot of money went into it, but I have moved on.

Are you married?

Truth be told, I am not married. I only have my lady and she has a son for me. We were staying together until she went back to school. We are not married legitimately.

But it was in the news that you married a white lady at a time…

I didn’t marry any white lady. I might have dated a white woman, but we never got married. That was just a story. Marriage is not my thing

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  1. All this Abgero life no go ever fit comot for this guy body! Thank God for ur life o! Ur mumsy prayers is really protecting u, u need to give ur life to christ now.

  2. thank God for u life. marriage is not ur thing but u can impregnate her live together with her abi? u better do d right thing b4 it’s too late

  3. using the nickname 2pac tells alot about you i dont need to know more… Mr marriage is not my thing

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