Charlotte Dawson Commits Suicide: Australian Model Killed Self Over Twitter Bullying


charlotte dawson dies suicide

Feb 23, 2014 – Charlotte Dawson Commits Suicide Over Online Bullying: Australian TV Star, Model Kills Herself After Twitter Abuse

Charlotte Dawson Dies Of Suicide: Australian Model Killed Self Over Cyber Bullying On Twitter

A popular anti-bullying activist and a judge on Australia’s Next Top model show has killed herself.

Last year she tried to commit suicide when her Twitter fans told her to go and hang herself.

Charlotte Dawson reportedly stayed at a psychiatric hospital in Darlington, Australia for several months.

On Saturday morning, Charlotte Dawson’s lifeless body was found in her apartment in Sydney Australia.

The 47-year-old TV personality who became an anti-bullying activist after she was targeted online has succeeded in taking her own life.

Police described her death as suicide having survived two separate suicide attempts.

Sydney’s The Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported that she was found hanged.

In 2012, she was admitted to a Sydney hospital after a suicide attempt following an ongoing tirade of abuse on Twitter. She had taken prescription tablets with wine and tweeted: “you win” in a suicide note to her cyber tormentors.

She later made fighting bullying her personal mission, waging an anti-bullying media campaign on television and radio and in newspapers and magazines as well as her beloved Twitter.

She was made an anti-bullying ambassador by the National Rugby League, a popular Football association in Australia.

Charlette Dawson was last seen on Twitter around 1:11 am on Saturday morning.

charlotte dawson twitter bullying

According to sources from Australia, Charlotte Dawson battled severe depression for several years before killing herself yesterday.