Lesbian Beauty Queen Flees Nigeria To Claim Refugee In Another Country Over Fear Of Arrest

chidinma okeke lesbian

Oct 27, 2016 – Chidinma Okeke Flees Nigeria, Gets Asylum Status In Another Country, Claims Lesbians Persecution In Nigeria

Nigerian Lesbian Queen Chidinma Okeke Flees Nigeria To Claim Refugee Status In Another Country Over Fear Of Arrest

The Anambra Beauty Queen whose sex videos went viral few days ago has fled Nigeria to an undisclosed country.

According to Victor Ibeh, Miss Okeke who reportedly left Nigeria secretly last week has been granted asylum status in another country on the ground that she will be jailed for allegedly going against Nigeria’s anti-gay law that carries 14-year sentence.

We learnt she even paid N1.8million so her blackmailers won’t release her sex tape sadly, they did it to ruin her career.

The blackmailers who pretended to be hiring her for a Nigerian adult movie initially promised to pay her N5million with confidentiality agreement but they turned back to use the video to blackmail her and the other girls who appeared in the extremely disturbing video.

9 thoughts on “Lesbian Beauty Queen Flees Nigeria To Claim Refugee In Another Country Over Fear Of Arrest

  1. The video is dirty indeed! Using cucumba to pleasure herself with her companion in the video. She has indeed ruined her carrier and her social status with her sodomy act.

    But what surprises me most is that, Chidinma came and publicly defend herself that she wasn’t the one in the video that went viral. In fact am now short of words to be hearing that she has fled the country for her life after an extensive defence she put forward. Her fleeing the country shows very clearly that she was the one in the video.

    What a pity! Your dignity,womanhood and privacy has been exposed to the world. What a disgrace,stain and shame you’ve brought to your family. You better don’t come back soon, so that you won’t be lynched by some Nigerians who are ready to take law into their hands.

    I will advice you to stay wherever you are until this heat die down and don’t do that again.

  2. Homosexuality is a sin. May God deliver you from the demons causing you to be attracted to the same sex…… for God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. It is well.

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