Chief Omotola Jalade: Nollywood Actress Gets Chieftaincy Title In Ondo State

chief omotola jalade

Nov 9, 2013 – Chief Omotola Jalade Ekeinde: Nigerian Actress Gets Chieftaincy Title In Ondo State

Talented Nigerian actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, a native of Ondo State has been honoured with a unique Chieftaincy title in her state of birth.

The honour was conferred on the mother of four yesterday, Friday November 8th, 2013 by the traditional council of Ondo town for her contribution to the Nigerian movie industry.

Yesterday Omosexy officially changed her name to Chief Omotola at the 7th installation anniversary and 60th birthday celebration of Osemewa Royal Awards.

We expect to see this on the upcoming episodes of her reality TV show.

Congrats to her.

21 thoughts on “Chief Omotola Jalade: Nollywood Actress Gets Chieftaincy Title In Ondo State

  1. Why sudden rush of awards? Is this the only way to gain popularity
    What is she contributing to the poor.. nonsense award for a Christian woman

  2. OMG so what use to be giving to men has been extended to women.If she wasn,t a star would they have given her the title.9ija them how to beg money from those who have.

  3. I have not seen this lady in any movie lately but have seen her showing off by gate crashing different award ceremonies all over the place. She is the worst attention seeker ever. She is so desperate for attention that now she is beginning to get on people’s nerves. What has she contributed the less privileged in her state? When I look at her this days, all I see is a very vain human being.

    • Omotola you are such an attention seeker indeed, what have you contributed to the society , to warrant all this your showing off. you are so annoying this days.

  4. Dat chieftancy award is demonic and nt of God.don’t let them lure u wit demonic awards as a Christian u ave to be careful

  5. Latoya stop this please , she has to make with every dividend life has got to offer her . It’s her complement let her be

  6. Congrat…but this chieftency title is not of God..forget that title and humble yourself before God..these are worldly things

  7. There is nothing demonic in it, Consult your bible and dictionary to find the true meaning of demon. Please if you don’t know anything about a topic, desist from desseminating mediocrity. The chieftaincy title is harmless, in ondo, they bestow it to their worthy citizens since 1616. This has nothing to do with fetish or money, it is just a gift from the people to their worthy citizen(s).They do not need your opinion abi Jonathan seeks your opinion before giving out national awards?

  8. Congratulation my sister. Award again o. God wil bles u. 4 dose of dat ar insult her. God wil punish u people.

  9. If you contribute for the poor people, do need to announce it to everybody? Don’t listen to there nonsense talk Jared. my chief

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