Chika Ike Foundation Donates To Families Of Nigerian Soldiers Killed By Boko Haram

chika ike foundation donates soldiers families

May 18, 2016 – Pictures: Chika Ike Foundation Donates To Families Of Nigerian Soldiers Killed By Boko Haram In Honour Of Late Mother


Last week, Chika Ike and her crew traveled to Abuja to make huge donations to families of soldiers who died fighting Boko Haram.

The UN Peace Ambassador visited Army barracks in Abuja where she gave out gifts and cash to wives and children of soldiers who died during active duty.

She said she gave out the donation in honour of her compassionate mother who passed away last month.

9 thoughts on “Chika Ike Foundation Donates To Families Of Nigerian Soldiers Killed By Boko Haram

  1. This is probably the best thing you have ever done to my notice.
    This is more rewarding than all that show offs about fashion and displaying your bedroom wardrope and all that frivolities.

    I say Thank You on the behalf of all the fallen heros that died in the line of duty.
    God will remember you as you remember their families today. He will not leave you alone especially now that you have become an orphan.
    Pls kee it up.

    I take a stroll…

  2. @D Hunter, you’ve said it all so I can only add “AMEN” to your prayers for Chika.
    And to the families of the fallen heros, may theGood Lord continue to sustain you all.

  3. God bless u my sister. Pray that the families will be comforted and God will supply their needs as their bread winners have been taken away from them. God will also supply yr needs my dear sister.

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