Chika Ike Shares Bedroom Picture With Fans: Is This Appropriate

chika ike bedroom picture

June 28, 2014 – Chika Ike Shares Bedroom Photo With Fans: Is This Appropriate

Nollywood movie producer and business woman Chika Ike shared the above photo of her self in sexy lingerie with fans yesterday and captioned it “Goodnight Fabs! Off to bed early”.

Many of her fans claimed she threw caution to the wind by sharing such a sensitive picture … Some even accused her of seeking attention the wrong way.

The first Instagram fan who commented on the picture said

“Chika Ike, youuuuu of all people should know that irrelevant attention seeking pics is the height of stupidity. Whatttttt exactly are you trying to prove? Lol #TheThirst”

I thought she is different from other attention seekers in Nollywood.

Has Chika Ike lost her sense of decency????