Child Abuse: Laide Bakare Under Fire For Kissing Son

Oct 21, 2016 – Child Abuse: Laide Bakare Under Fire For Kissing Son

Earlier today, controversial Nollywood actress Laide Bakare shared this bizarre photo of her self and her two-year-old son in a bid to show fans how much she cares about her children.

However, the pose didn’t go well with some of her fans as most of them didn’t think it was right.

Her fans believe the posture in the photo below might backfire over child abuse allegations.

laide bakare kissing son

See her fans comments below…

Do you think the above pose is proper??

11 thoughts on “Child Abuse: Laide Bakare Under Fire For Kissing Son

  1. I will not read any negative meaning to this at all because I’ve seen many mothers does that to their baby. Even my own son when he was still a baby,he do stuck his tongue in my mouth despite the fact that am a man. And each time he did that to me, I do sensed perhaps he wants to play with my tongue. And back then,I do respond by given him my tongue to play with.

    Just that people can be so fast to read meaning to things. As for me,I believe this woman should not be quickly condemn as a child molester or whatever.

  2. Wetin dry worry all of una…which of you people no follow your mum play tongue play…abeg na normal thing wey all of us do…dnt criticise anyone…swear say u no do ahm

  3. This lady, with that caterpillar teeth, she be queen of dem bush girls in Nollywood. See how she commot her tongue like Ileya ram, abi craze don catch am?

  4. @Endure I am so taken aback by that statement u just made, u are supposed to be the parent teaching ur child what is wrong or right. U don’t indulge children to be doing mouth to mouth kissing talkless of sticking ur tongue in their mouth. So if they now do it to an outsider they will think it’s OK to do that. No its wrong.
    I know that Laide was only trying to show love to her child but next time kiss on d cheeks rather than than dis disgusting act.

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