Chinua Achebe Buried In Ogidi, Anambra State (Burial Photos)

chinue achebe buried

May 24, 2013 – Chinua Achebe Buried In Ogidi, Anambra State (Burial Pictures)

On Thursday, late novelists and writer Chinua Achebe was laid to rest.

The deceased was buried in his hometown of Ogidi in Anambra state with thousands of dignitaries in attendance.

President of Ghana, John Maham and all the Eastern states Governors graced Chinua Achebe’s burial yesterday.

The popular writer was also honoured by members of the international community of writers.

View more photos from Prof Chinua Achebe’s burial below

11 thoughts on “Chinua Achebe Buried In Ogidi, Anambra State (Burial Photos)

  1. An intellectual writer has left us,his books and novels are well.indeed Achebe has created a vacum in the life of journeyd to the land of the great beyond as a great man.Good bye we all say.

  2. Here is my last respect for Prof. Chinua Achebe.

    We av lost a great writter, hearing abt ur death ws so bitter.
    U were a role model to many young Nigerians, and we can’t forget ur impact on Africans.
    Ur life has been an exemplary one, we all wish u are not yet gone.
    Ur service to humanity can’t be replaced no matter how try we could, because u have left behind a big vacuum.
    Ur shoes are too big for anyone to step in, but u av given us a clue on how to live in this life that we are in.
    No matter ow bad we find ourselve in this nation, we take solace in ur words and we’ll try to make things right in this generation.
    Throughout the burial we couldn’t find Jonathan, why didn’t he come for ur funeral?
    Who knows? Nobody! Guess his conscience won’t make him do so.
    He doesn’t know ur worth cos I don’t think he read any of ur books, can’t blame him though he wore no shoes to school.
    Someone who read some of ur literatures won’t lead this country to a state of confusion
    I know u’ll be looking down on Nigeria with grief, cos all the labours of our heroes past is fading away very brief.
    Anyways, ur legacies live on and ur light continue to shine on!
    God loves you and we all miss you

    [email protected]

  3. A great Iroko of literary world has fallen, a man of great literary prowess,a professor,writer,tutor,critic,poet,novelist & playwrite. Who wil replace u among d Igbo tribe. Ur magnus opus novel things fall apart of which u wrote in 1958 catalputed u 2 a limelight & datz why u r d father of African literature.gudbye ma mentor,rest in d bosom of d lord almighty until we meet 2 part no more!

  4. a man who lived a lyf as a journalist a gr8 nd danamite man his death waz a gr8 lose bt even if chinua achebe’s soul has bin laid 2 rest his ambition towardz nigerians, his simplified writin of books his memory stil lives on…wat a painful lose may ur gentle soul rest in d bossom of d lord amen gudbye.

  5. Nigeria has lost a great man,a man wit intellect,a man wit intelligence,wisdom,good will nd above all “a honest man”.

  6. Great chinua,a man of great value,a man of great importance 2 the society,a man of great influence in the lyf of many,a man of good deeds,a man wit passion of change nd improvement for his country.ADIEU GREAT MENTOR

  7. my Great man i know that you have die but in the reasons of it you have not die you are still alive i shall remember you in my day to day prayer. Good Bye Great Man we all love you but god loves you much.


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