Confession Of A Former Santeria Secret Society Cult Member In Nigeria, Chuku Dalo Onejeku


santeria secret society members confession nigeria

Nov 14, 2012 – Confession Of A Former Santeria Secret Society Cult Member In Nigeria, Chuku Dalo Onejeku

My name is Chuku Dalo Onejeku. I’m a former member of a secret society called Santeria Cult in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

I hailed from Ihiala Anambra State. I sold my mother’s soul to the devil.

I’m the only son in my family. My family home is based in Onitsha and my father was a successful business man.

My birth brought joy to my family as my parents were in dire need of a male child when I was born.

My mother spoilt me with gift and affection. I became a spoilt child who is constantly demanding.

My unending cares for worldly things ended me in a secret society called Santeria Secret cult.

In my quest for wealth, I met a 25 years old man who initiated me into the secret society. The man eventually died because of his commitment to the secret world.

After my initiation into Santeria secret cult headquartered in Bauchi state, I made enough money to feed a whole community.


The money came through blood sacrifice of innocent kids

The devil who will gives something without telling you the consequences later mandated me through our chief priest to sacrifice the blood of innocent kids below 5 years on monthly basis and the kids must be from my relations.

Because of Santeria‘s secret cult demand, I started killing my sister’s children one after the other.

I carried out my evil mission by buying gift and taking it to our cult leader to for sacrifice.

After proper sacrifice is carried out on the gift, I will then take it to my sister’s children

One week after my visit to any of my  sister’s children, one of the kids will die mysteriously.

Please note that this present world is being controlled by the spirit world.

Everything must first happen in the spirit before they manifest in the physical.

How I Killed My Mother Through Santeria Secret Society Cult’s Demand

One day I was told by our chief priest to donate an adult and the adult should be a relation I loves most.

I killed my mom so as to save my life.

After killing her spiritually, I went to see her in the duplex I built for her.

My mother told me she had a nightmare before her death that someone died in the family.

Because she wasn’t spiritually inclined, she didn’t pray about it.

After shopping at a supermarket, she was hit by a reversing car and pronounced dead at the hospital.

Some accident you see today are not natural. They are very spiritual some innocent people also die along with devil’s target.

As a child of God, it is highly essential to pray for God’s protection before you head out.

I also donated a childhood friend of mined named Uchenna to Santeria Secret cult.

I asked him to accompany me to a traditional wedding.

From onitsha to owerri, we stopped at Mr biggs to buy a lot of foods stuffs so as not to raise any suspicions.

At the appointed time and place our car tire bursted causing the car to somersault severally leaving my friend dead instantly.

I came out of the accident untouched because the spiritual attack was meant to take my friend.

I pretended as if I got injured and I liaised with a Santeria secret cult member friend of mine who owned a popular hospital in Onitsha to bandage me as an accident victim so as to please my friend’s family and after 2 weeks I was discharged.

Everything in this world happens spiritually. Only the few righteous ones can survive.

How Secret Society Members Take Other Peoples’ Star

If I recognize someone who has a bright star.
I will lend the person money and the moment the person receives the money, he or she will start having problems

Credit payment is spiritual

Every trader should be careful of people around them

Secret society people take peoples’ money by lending out credit.

know the type of people you buy things from on credit.

If you’re poor and only one person is rich in your family, you need to do something.

Consult a true man of God and pray for solution.


They are always very rich
They are very philanthropic
The give out money to their victims so they can be comfortable
They don’t give out cash easily
They kill goats or cows for their kindred during Christmas or ileya
( a way to take people stars or luck)
Be careful of such meats and manage whatever God provides for you.

don’t trust anybody even your blood brother

The devil has made people to be money conscious.

If you have a brother who never tries to help you set up your business
you need to be careful because they may be a member of a secret society

Nobody ever wishes to be bad however, during their initiation into the the secret society, their original good heart has been removed and replaced with a devilish heart that thinks of nothing but destruction.

Most secret cult members do sacrifice their own children by turning them to imbecile.
They take proper care of the imbecile amongst all their children because the money comes through them.

Relax and wait for God’s time to come.

Secret society cult members will lock up the riches of all the members of their family.

They build uncompleted houses not because they don’t have money to complete it they then rent it out.

Whoever lives in the uncompleted building will always have problem.

Secret cult members will approach you to start a business and once you allow them to combine their evil money with yours, they will command all your money to become theirs on their spiritual altars.

All your money will go down after they have called it forth from the spiritual realm.


They set a wardrobe in their room and whenever they want to operate, they bring it out and set it up.

Most of them have a room dedicated for themselves only and no other family member can enter.

They impregnate mad women for rituals

They indulge in homosexualism to acquire commanding power

They command to make a lot of money.
If they are pastors, they use the commanding power to do miracles so as  to get more worshipers.


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80 thoughts on “Confession Of A Former Santeria Secret Society Cult Member In Nigeria, Chuku Dalo Onejeku

  1. God is great. i cant belive my ears and eyes,when reading this news, God have mercy on me, my children,my husband,my mother,my sisters, my brother, my cusines and all my family members in mother side, father side all my friends,from hands of devils people of nigeria.

  2. O God help us o, unto thee do i put my trust…..let ur peep nt be ashame…..d arrow of d evil wans shal nt c me n my famili n frnds. In Jesus nam i pray….Amen

  3. You sound like a prophet of doom, preaching distrust, instilling fear in people, causing misunderstanding to arise among relatives etc. U preached no Love which is Life and protection against all evil. We 've been hearing stories more than this before. Our confidence is the Love of the Most High God who is ever faithful.

    • I personally did nt see any truth from this so called confession, if he is sure let him provide us with the full details of his initiator? Address of the Place of their meetings, time an signs, Come out in video let People Identify him as 1's a rich, and so on,to me this an idea Biz., telling people wht they want to hear an making his money, am nt disputing tht there's no such, but him provides some Element of fact to back up his claims.

  4. Where ar we heading to,is it not better to suffer today and enjoy tommrrw,than to enjoy today and suffer tommorrow………l cover my famly and mysef with the precious blood of Jesus……

  5. i dont realy believe in spiritualism>the existence of spiritualism>i believe its all myths>i 1nce do but now isinsecerely find it difficult 2 believe in those things mayb cus of my pass disapointment i blieve more in logical reasonin…

  6. lie lie lie lie ooooooooooh.. kofi na lie oooh.. u enter church of satan and come out by de way how did u get in there if i may ask? who took u there? when did u enter? who did u meet when u enter there? which pastor or Rev father pary for me and u get out from dia…

  7. U guys saying god save us are so stipid.the story is all made up..we africans just. believe anything.with ur tiny braina .god or devil dont exist.u fools

    • God have mercy on you. However, it is better to be precautious than to be assumptious. Weather that brothers story is true or not, LEGALITY IS NOT MORALITY. Humanity without God conciousness/divinity is a lost treasure.

    • Ike, I’m sorry for you. You need to confess your sins to Jesus Who died on the cross for you. Then get a Bible and start to read it, obey it and stop sinning. If not you will wake up in hell one day and come face to face with the devil you say doesn’t exist. Then you will spend eternity in hell for ever. The horrors and torment of hell cannot be imagined.

  8. “if you are poor and only 1 person is rich in your family…..”

    Somehow i already knew this…. and the rich person will employ his brothers/sisters to do the sweeping, cleaning etc.

    Somehow i already knew and have observed this phenomena on several occasions. They always are devil worshippers or something like that.
    But I am alive. God has helped and protected me. Glory be to his name.

  9. they turn their children to imbercile…..
    i do agree with that. one of the sorcerer who has fought in my life endlessly had an imbercile son-a classmate. We were friends. And my occult problems seem to have started when i visited them in their own home. The woman, a teacher teaching me english, apparently sacrificed me to dark powers to steal my fortunes and make wealth. Its now 27 years down the line i am only begining to undertand what the hell happened so many years ago.

    I do not know how stories like these really shape up…. but often there is a grain of truth behind the confusion.

    i know. have fought with sorcerers for deliverance for 20 years.

  10. Let me try again, truly happy for this Brother
    Keep tell your story, becuz there are people all
    Over invokved in this mess, remember count those Blood songs!
    Jesus wash away all my sins…
    Keep you in Jesus hands..

  11. No surprised my father tried to sacrifice me some weeks ago when i went to visit him, this is a man that has never paid my school fees before oh. i even took material to give him as a child of God.

  12. Santeria church of the Orisha is a powerful spiritual organization with aim to helping mankind achieve their goals and wants and to also uplift their spiritual if you wish to know more about this organization write us through this ******..we shall be glad to welcome you and answer all your questions

  13. This is what Allah Almighty Warns us about worldly wealth and enjoyment of this life. My brother be prayerful all what you see about richman today is not pure. Ya Allah save your servants.

  14. Love of money is de root of evil, brethen please be aware and. Take heed. So that u will not. Be a victim, he that has ear let him hear. Repent and give ur life to the. Lord Jesus Christ

  15. Our cult is here to bless you and give you anything also whatsoever things you need and make you to achieve your aims in life…. Do you know what cult is about???? ******

    • Please am gabby from Ghana and am much interested in this instant powerful cult and moreover am pastor with no money and power at all, please how do I join, please help me get in contact with you

  16. This is so sad! While the rest of the world is making scientific and technological advancements beyond the imagination of many, our continent is still stuck in some fictitious religious bullshit devoid of any form of rationality. That this so-called confessor is exhibiting signs of mental illness (schizophrenia) is beyond dispute. However, what is bothersome is that so many people (including our so-called university graduates) believe this type of bull crap. I blame the Nigerian government for the exacerbation of material poverty in the country, as this has made this unbelievable level of stupid and avoidable mental poverty possible.

  17. ”Okey” pls dnt get it twisted, freemasonry, occult practicies, diety worshiping, etc r practice every where in the world. Talking about scince & technological advancement, have u ever ponder on what is responsible for such a great knowlege revealed 2 man in the form of science & technologies. Even those countries who advance in such knowledge r the most practitioners of freemason, occultic, demon woshiping etc. Read the testament of solomon, the keys of solomon & solomonic book of demons & u will c & knw what demon/spirit has what knowledge & which. The westerners & Europeans the so called developed worlds have all the keys to the hinden knowledge on hw 2 evoke those demons the have them reveal the hinden knowledge on any area of endeafour. The day Africans shall grow above religious fictions/dogmas that shall mark the begining of eligthenment. U can as well read on d secrete of washinton DC & u will b amaze. C they inventors of everything even the religion u so practice.

  18. i wish to become a member of a powerful cult where***617101.i have very serious please and not joking.i need the cult now

  19. my Name is Eric John How can i be a member of this great secret cult? this is my number you can reach me at 0**** my email: e**

  20. you called your name chuku dalo onejeku, you are a big liar, give me address of the santeria secret society cult and give me the name and the address of the church that allow you to confess this you claimed that you did.your idiot since you claimed that you did all this nonsense you said in this audio record so my question is why are you hiding your face are you afraid of death? Besides i am 100% percent interested of joining the cult.give me address.

  21. Abracadaabra,only d spiritual conscious will understand for this is just a mystery meant to b understood by those who has obtained mercy and grace to help .beware wht u say!

  22. so you people believe him , ok which church delivered him which pastor where is the address of Santeria cult he is not telling the truth I have see many and I am still seeing them ,the same a poor girl confess that she and Bayonne and other American musicians are in the same freemasson but she cannot even afford two mail a day . did you believe that ,it was arranged by the pastor to say that they are laying

  23. To me life is a matter of choice. Everyone is looking for solution. Is quite difficult to explain what agreement one had with the supreme spirit being before coming into this world to suffer. But whatever anyone could said,there is God.

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