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Confession Of A Former Santeria Secret Society Cult Member In Nigeria, Chuku Dalo Onejeku


Confession Of A Former Santeria Secret Society Cult Member In Nigeria, Chuku Dalo Onejeku

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Nov 14, 2012 – Confession Of A Former Santeria Secret Society Cult Member In Nigeria, Chuku Dalo Onejeku

My name is Chuku Dalo Onejeku. I’m a former member of a secret society called Santeria Cult in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

I hailed from Ihiala Anambra State. I sold my mother’s soul to the devil.

I’m the only son in my family. My family home is based in Onitsha and my father was a successful business man.

My birth brought joy to my family as my parents were in dire need of a male child when I was born.

My mother spoilt me with gift and affection. I became a spoilt child who is constantly demanding.

My unending cares for worldly things ended me in a secret society called Santeria Secret cult.

In my quest for wealth, I met a 25 years old man who initiated me into the secret society. The man eventually died because of his commitment to the secret world.

After my initiation into Santeria secret cult headquartered in Bauchi state, I made enough money to feed a whole community.


The money came through blood sacrifice of innocent kids

The devil who will gives something without telling you the consequences later mandated me through our chief priest to sacrifice the blood of innocent kids below 5 years on monthly basis and the kids must be from my relations.

Because of Santeria‘s secret cult demand, I started killing my sister’s children one after the other.

I carried out my evil mission by buying gift and taking it to our cult leader to for sacrifice.

After proper sacrifice is carried out on the gift, I will then take it to my sister’s children

One week after my visit to any of my  sister’s children, one of the kids will die mysteriously.

Please note that this present world is being controlled by the spirit world.

Everything must first happen in the spirit before they manifest in the physical.

How I Killed My Mother Through Santeria Secret Society Cult’s Demand

One day I was told by our chief priest to donate an adult and the adult should be a relation I loves most.

I killed my mom so as to save my life.

After killing her spiritually, I went to see her in the duplex I built for her.

My mother told me she had a nightmare before her death that someone died in the family.

Because she wasn’t spiritually inclined, she didn’t pray about it.

After shopping at a supermarket, she was hit by a reversing car and pronounced dead at the hospital.

Some accident you see today are not natural. They are very spiritual some innocent people also die along with devil’s target.

As a child of God, it is highly essential to pray for God’s protection before you head out.

I also donated a childhood friend of mined named Uchenna to Santeria Secret cult.

I asked him to accompany me to a traditional wedding.

From onitsha to owerri, we stopped at Mr biggs to buy a lot of foods stuffs so as not to raise any suspicions.

At the appointed time and place our car tire bursted causing the car to somersault severally leaving my friend dead instantly.

I came out of the accident untouched because the spiritual attack was meant to take my friend.

I pretended as if I got injured and I liaised with a Santeria secret cult member friend of mine who owned a popular hospital in Onitsha to bandage me as an accident victim so as to please my friend’s family and after 2 weeks I was discharged.

Everything in this world happens spiritually. Only the few righteous ones can survive.

How Secret Society Members Take Other Peoples’ Star

If I recognize someone who has a bright star.
I will lend the person money and the moment the person receives the money, he or she will start having problems

Credit payment is spiritual

Every trader should be careful of people around them

Secret society people take peoples’ money by lending out credit.

know the type of people you buy things from on credit.

If you’re poor and only one person is rich in your family, you need to do something.

Consult a true man of God and pray for solution.


They are always very rich
They are very philanthropic
The give out money to their victims so they can be comfortable
They don’t give out cash easily
They kill goats or cows for their kindred during Christmas or ileya
( a way to take people stars or luck)
Be careful of such meats and manage whatever God provides for you.

don’t trust anybody even your blood brother

The devil has made people to be money conscious.

If you have a brother who never tries to help you set up your business
you need to be careful because they may be a member of a secret society

Nobody ever wishes to be bad however, during their initiation into the the secret society, their original good heart has been removed and replaced with a devilish heart that thinks of nothing but destruction.

Most secret cult members do sacrifice their own children by turning them to imbecile.
They take proper care of the imbecile amongst all their children because the money comes through them.

Relax and wait for God’s time to come.

Secret society cult members will lock up the riches of all the members of their family.

They build uncompleted houses not because they don’t have money to complete it they then rent it out.

Whoever lives in the uncompleted building will always have problem.

Secret cult members will approach you to start a business and once you allow them to combine their evil money with yours, they will command all your money to become theirs on their spiritual altars.

All your money will go down after they have called it forth from the spiritual realm.


They set a wardrobe in their room and whenever they want to operate, they bring it out and set it up.

Most of them have a room dedicated for themselves only and no other family member can enter.

They impregnate mad women for rituals

They indulge in homosexualism to acquire commanding power

They command to make a lot of money.
If they are pastors, they use the commanding power to do miracles so as  to get more worshipers.


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  1. Djibril

    July 11, 2018 at 9:22 PM

    I want to be a member of your society

  2. Timothy Msodoki

    April 5, 2019 at 9:14 AM

    I’m from South Africa i’d like to join this cult.

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