Clarion Chukwurah Praises Black Women “We Hv Good Skin, Surgery Not Needed”

clarion chukwurah

Oct 10, 2014 – Clarion Chukwurah Praises Black African Women “We Hv Good Skin, Surgery Not Needed”

In a recent chat with Encomium, veteran Nollywood actress Clarion Chukwurah praised women of colour for their genetically good skin.

The actress said African women need no surgery to maintain their skin when aging:

In her own words:

“I don’t think plastic surgery would ever be an option for me. I love me and I love my face. I remember once I had just fake eyelashes on and I hated it. I hated the way I looked and the way it felt, very unnatural and uncomfortable…(Laughs). I don’t think there is anything about me I would want to change or alter. I know what my mother looked like at 60, so I know exactly what I am going to look like at 60 and I can certainly live with that. But seriously, Caucasian women might need plastic surgery because their skin tends to sag prematurely but I think that African women, black women don’t really have that problem. Even with all the beauty products and cosmetics in the market, I think black women genetically have really good skin,” she said.

True talk!!

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4 thoughts on “Clarion Chukwurah Praises Black Women “We Hv Good Skin, Surgery Not Needed”

  1. The naked truth. Black is beautiful. Any Black woman who bleaches should rethink. White woman will like to do anything to have the skin of Black women, so natural.

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