Comedian AY & Juliet Ibrahim’ Comedy Skit On Kim Kardashian’s Visit To Nigeria

ay and juliet ibrahim comedy skit

April 5, 2013 – Comedian AY & Juliet Ibrahim’ Comedy Skit On Kim Kardashian’s Visit To Nigeria

On the 17th of February 2013, celebrity talk show host,Kim Kardashian visits Nigeria for Darey Art Alade’s love like a movie concert.

Kim K allegedly received .5 million for her brief stay in Nigeria.

In this comedy skit, Nigerian comedian AY and Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim staged an hilarious narration of Kim K’s brief visit to Nigeria.

It’s a revelation as well as a Parody.

Watch the video below

14 thoughts on “Comedian AY & Juliet Ibrahim’ Comedy Skit On Kim Kardashian’s Visit To Nigeria

  1. Foolz…waitin b una biz if dem pay hr 5million una jst dey tak panadol 4 anoda man headache i no even sure if kim kn say anybdy lyk a.y and juliet dey exist**if dem join d both of una wealth 2geda e no go reach d 1 wai kim dey use jim talk more of 2 mak hr hair…c juliet wai luk lyk frog dey compair hr self wit kim

    • guy na fumbulowa o’so u ve 2 mod d beauty dat our africa damsel ve’2 compair’surgery body’bleive me’leave kim k’4 like 10years’& u ll c evritin in her body gettin fall’well as 4 me i apri8 out natural & God gift body’dat juliet ve.

  2. all this jealousy should be drop in the trash. julliet ibrahim who’s legs are like cross scissor is even comparing herself to kim? were u and other of your colleague not there b4 darey went ahead and brought kim 2 9geria? infact wetin wold star lyk kim k get to do with a local champion lyk u? u get value 9im darey no pay u 5million carry kom 9ja. jealousy…….

  3. E dey mind dem.with her 2left legs wey she dey use mimick person wey great and popular past her. 4get there,s nothin lyk plastic surgery. Kim na perfect bitch as her boyfrnd kanye west put am. U no dey c her mother,sisters shapes. Una go ever live a miserable lyf. Mumu pple

  4. Jide kol, don’t mind these idiots praising kim, they’re really brainless… She started it1st, Dat porn star kim actually 1st twitted naija gals are as ugly as apes, well… ℓ̊ see well she’s referring to ur mother α sisters as well. Coz ℓ̊ don’t kno wot u’re praising in her artificial assets and padded butts. Probably, ur female folks @home are not naturally endowed. We true african Ladies are far cute than the kardashians and are imposed black family members, awon oniranu… Onirase #vulture incarnate…. ℓ̊ would av copied the link here 4u 2check all the rubbish she twitted juz dat link is presently not available but go check her tweets

  5. Nigeria are just pitable, ur hailin kim k for flashin her face in 9j and takin huge sum of money,we nigeerians we have to stand togeda and hail our person, guys if u like support kim k from today reach tomoro she won’t sit on ur hard dick, girls if u like gbadu her from today reach tomoro, she won’t invite for to share a fotoshoot wit her!, its like supportin d white folks dat close down ur refineries so ud have to send ur oil abroad, juliet ibrahim is hotter by far than kim k wit all her surgeries and ko, someone dat made her way to limelight thru her pornographic video, u can go download it still its free!!!!!!!!

  6. If nor be piracy u nor knw where 9ja stars for don reach?!!!, as dem still dey 9ja so dem still dey touch important personalities for abroad, or u tink d challeges r d same for our nigerians here and those stars abroad, abeeg jare, I gbadu ay and juliet, all d way!

  7. Those people supportin kim k its ur mothers and sisters that r apes like she sed on twitter, so keep howlin for her like hungry apes!

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