Comedian AY YouTube Channel Rated The Best, Most-Watched In Nigeria

comedian ay youtube channel

January 13, 2014 – Comedian AY YouTube Channel Rated The Best, Most-Watched In Nigeria

Year 2013 is indeed a good year for popular comedy star Ayo Makun aka AY. The stand-up comic actor recently said YouTube has rated his official Channel,, as the most-watched Channel in Nigeria

At a recent event in Lagos, AY talked at length on how he achieved his aim.

He said: “First, we didn’t go out to be the number one most-watched, but we only re-defined. We gave our channel a personality. We wanted to be known for first-rate, timely and where-we-can-very- exclusive entertaining videos.

“Next, we deliberately upload interesting episodes of The AY Show which, in the first place, is seen only by TV audience. We didn’t stop at that. We also uploaded premium episodes of AY’s Crib just for a wider audience, who probably missed or will never get to meet up with the TV time of the programmes.

“Then, we quenched the thirsts of fans, followers and patrons of AY Live, who want to see performance videos of comedians and musicians at all our Live Concerts after every edition in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and the UK.

“And then, we weren’t shy to upload all the comedy skits we shoot exclusively for the live shows. We just wanted a channel that would be a good alternative to entertainment on TV. And while we took stock of their mileage online, just then, YouTube came up with the top 10 listand we were number one.”

As at Dec 18, 2013, his Youtube Channel had over Eleven Million views.

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