Comedian Princess To Marry; Wedding For May 8, 2013

comedian princess to marry

April 7, 2013 – Nigerian Comedian Princess To Marry; Wedding For May 8, 2013

Popular Nigerian comedienne, Damilola Adekoya aka Princess is set to leave the single zone.

On Wednesday the 8th of May, 2013 Princess and her fiancee named Ade are set to tie the nuptial knot and coincidentally, her wedding day is her birthday.

Ade and Princess reportedly dated for over six months before this big decision.

Princess is about rounding up her degree at the University of Lagos.

17 thoughts on “Comedian Princess To Marry; Wedding For May 8, 2013

  1. She is overdue. Any how, is still better than remain single forever. I wish her and futur huby best of luck.

    • What do You mean by she is overdue? that’s a very wrong statement rephrase it joor… My dear princess it is your time joor. He sure came at the appointed time….God’s time is the best…do have a blissful wedding ahead.

  2. @my opinion,pls learn to be hapy wen gud tin happen to other people,i assume u ar jealous or u ar a sadist. She is overdue according to ur dirty mouth bt nt to GOD,wat of those dat ar married 4 10yrs no kids and GOD later bless Them wat wil u nw say,mind u our destiny is in d hand of GOD. Dis lifeslf u marry oh,u no marry oh,u go dubia marry oh,u go india marry oh! People must talk Y? pls learn to be hapy 4 people cos u dont knw may happen to U or urslf.GOD bless u.

  3. princess i wish u happy married life and be prayful so dat GOD wil protect u 4m evil eye like my opinion.may ur marriage open 4 those single lady who has nt jesus name.Amen

  4. so api 4 u my name sake cos am also damilola………….wishing u api married life n more grace 2 ur elbow

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