Comedian Seyi Law Praises Wife On Instagram “U’re My Success Story”

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Nov 29, 2013 – Comedian Seyi Law Praises Wife, Ebere Cham On Instagram “You’re My Success Story”

Nigerian comedian Oluwaseyitan Aletile popularly called Seyi Law has revealed the beautiful face of his wife of 2 years, Ebere Cham.

It all started when another comedian named Edo Charles captioned an old-school photo of the couple back in their university days on Instagram.

“Guys I tot I shud show u my bros @seyilaw1 and wife dis was wn d love was still very young. If dis woman can stay wit dis boss time den dis boss deserve to stay wit er d rst of his life #truelove am a fan”

Seyi Law immediately replied saying:

“@kahmohdcomedian I wld have made a terrible mistake if I had married another. She is my success story.”

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Below is their old school photo when Seyi Law had nothing.

The couple married on March 27th, 2011 in Yaba Lagos.

What a proud confession of love.  Behind every successful man is a kind and nice woman.

So happy for them.

9 thoughts on “Comedian Seyi Law Praises Wife On Instagram “U’re My Success Story”

  1. Still going strong after all hustle and difficulties.I never knew you are my in-law.may the light of your love and marriage never shake or burn out in Jesus are forever blessed.Ebele nwa mama,I love that top you are rocking,can anybody pls tell me the designer.

  2. You know this two people started long time ago so nobody can stop them.we should just pray that the devil must not come b/w them.
    I love the way they started it. It is showing that even the last richest man/woman come b/w any of them he/she will not be successful.
    So enough your life.
    From Liberia.

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