Confession Of Dayo Skippo, Secondary School Drop Out Turned Serial Pickpocket Arrested In Ikeja


dayo skippo

April 2nd, 2017 – Confession Of Dayo Skippo, Secondary School Drop Out Turned Notorious Pickpocket Arrested In Ikeja Lagos

Meet Dayo Skippo, a notorious thief caught in Ikeja Lagos yesterday.

In his confession , Dayo who dropped out of Secondary school told RRS officials that he can steal anything using his brain.

On his mode of operation, Dayo said:

“I can use my head to remove anything from your body. I will just pretend as if I know you somewhere and in the process of giving you salutations, your item is gone”

One of his victims also confirmed Dayo’s claim.

How I was robbed in Ikeja – victim

“I went to Ikeja Computer Village to see a friend of mine, after seeing him, on my way to the bus park, I just saw someone hugged me from behind and later apologized to me when I told him I didn’t know him; before I could look around again, I discovered my phone was gone already and the guy was nowhere to be found.”

“I went back to my friend’s shop almost immediately to track my iPhone and the location I saw was that my phone was already on Lagos Island”.

The suspect who begged police for a second chance has been transferred to SCID for more investigations.

One thought on “Confession Of Dayo Skippo, Secondary School Drop Out Turned Serial Pickpocket Arrested In Ikeja

  1. You have brain to steal anything from another man but you can’t use the same brain to engage yourself in a work to fetch you some money.

    I’m really disturbed the way most of our youths are thinking. Having brain according to this guy means stealing. If you are capable of stealing anything, it means you are the most intelligent. That is how an African young man can define being intelligent. It is very sad to imagine our youths thinking in different dimension comparing to their peers in various Country around the globe. We must re orientate our youths if we really want to keep this country called Nigeria.?

    We often make a mistake of equating being a thief such as 419, advance fee fraud, stealing from somebody’s bank account to being creative by using your brain. Can this guy compare his brain with the founder of Facebook who used his brain to create a socia media compare to you who used his brain to pick pocket? These are two different idea. Young man you need to go back to school or have something meaningful to do by using your brain.

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