Cossy Orjiakor ‘ll Get Married Or Make Baby Next Year

cossy orjiakor getting married

Nov 17, 2013 – Cossy Orjiakor ‘ll Get Married Or Make Baby Next Year

The Nollywood actress turned singer has revealed her plans for next year.

Cossy Orjiakor who acknowledged her need for a husband and baby plans to get married next year.

Hear what the controversial madam said in a recent interview with Vanguard:

On Getting Married;
A woman get married when she is ready to get married. I will get married next year or I will make a baby next year.

If she feels shy at social functions;
Each time, I attend a function, I don’t even feel that people are looking at me. I will just catch my fun, but whereby I’m not catching any fan, I will quickly leave the place.

Have you been embarrassed before in connection with your boobs?
I don’t even give room for such things. Nobody can walk up to me to do any nonsense. You dare not try it. My  boobs are real, full and fresh. When you see good things, you appreciate them. But don’t dare to touch them. You know what is good. When I’m old and my  boobs are not firm any more, I will cover them.

If you have the chance to come back to life, would you still want to be Cossy?
I love myself, my boobs and my voice. My friends told me that my voice sounds very sexy.  I also have this smile of a baby. God has been so kind to me. At least, I live in my own house in Lekki. I eat anything I want to eat, and I don’t seek for attention, I drive a posh car. What else can I ask for? A husband or a baby?

Since last year, Cossy Orjiakor has never stopped soliciting for a man but no one is coming forth.

Naija men make una come Cossy is single o.

15 thoughts on “Cossy Orjiakor ‘ll Get Married Or Make Baby Next Year

  1. I sense confusion in your tone young lady
    So next year if no man proposed to you, u’ll opt for a baby out of wedlock? bad bad decision

  2. Cossy please change ur wayward attitude u just too loose for a man to date
    Who will date a woman with her boobs all over the internet

  3. Cossy,this is the first time i actually pick a reasonable word from your sentence,if no man is ready to see your parents,pls go ahead and make a can’t wait to see how beautiful your baby will look and the changes it will bring to your life and the way you see the world.

  4. Hello sister cossy? My name is christian Nnaji, i am from Nkanu, l c..G, in Enugu state? Pls Am interesting in ur relationship, if ur serious & mean that u want to get married and realy serious about it, i am here for a real serious for ur relationship , ok? Nt by ur money or firm, but for the love & carely and understanding for each order for good mariter break true ok, pls if u need to know more abt me , contact me to this numb 2348038538097, or Email me, ok? just feel free & ask me anything u want to ask me ok,

  5. Pls let’s leave cossi.No1 is perfct.shee can chnge.1man’s fud is anoda man’s poison.der r some ppl wo covr thier head and stil do worse.

  6. that is true, bros. some people cover their head and do the un-imaginable. may God give you the man who will change ur life for better.

  7. Hi Cozzy,

    It is never too late to change for better. The only change u need is Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, a life without Christ is a wasted life. God loves u even more than u love urself and He is always ready to give you the Bone of your Bone and a blessed Child not anyhow child.

    It is well with u.

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