Customs Officer Who Beat Daughter, UNIBEN Medical Student To Death Arrested In Lagos

Oct 23, 2014 – Customs Officer Who Beat Daughter, UNIBEN Medical Student To Death & Buried Her Arrested In Meiran Ojokoro Ijaye Lagos Nigeria

A custom officer who reportedly murdered his own daughter last week in Meiran area of Ijaye, Lagos has been arrested by the police.

The senior customs officer was alleged to have killed his 17-year-old daughter last Friday after which he reportedly beat his wife to a state of coma.

Some landlords in Olajide Byron Way, Ojokoro Ijaye, who reported the case to the police, alleged that the man beat his daughter (a medical student of the University of Benin) to death last Friday night and hurriedly buried her in his compound.

When his estranged wife (the mother of the girl) alleg­edly came to challenge him over the shocking death, he was said to have beaten her to a pulp and then took her to an unknown place.

Police arrested him and his younger brother at his house Wednesday afternoon.

The suspect who claimed innocence said his daughter died of food poisoning.

Narrating how the death oc­curred, the suspect said the girl just started vomiting blood af­ter eating food given to her by the new wife he married about two months ago.

“I called my family doctor to do autopsy for the corpse but he said only government hospital can do that. And as a Muslim, I had to bury her on time. So, I buried her the following morn­ing inside my house,” the suspect said.

13 thoughts on “Customs Officer Who Beat Daughter, UNIBEN Medical Student To Death Arrested In Lagos

  1. you must be a very wicked man . i think you need to die too. i cant believe this .. wickedness.. he who has ear let him hear the word of the bible. the world is coming to an end soon

  2. Nigeria has become another Mexico where they entangle themselves in stateless ideologies. Things has finally fallen apart in Nigeria. Nobody cares no more. This is a Country where Anarchy is prevalent and we are pretending as if everything is alright. The people that we entrust with our justice system have joined the association of lawlessness just because of money. The question is do we think this Country will continue to exist as we are deviating from social norms? Look at this situation for instance, you beat your daughter to death and quickly buried her and fold your arm as if nothing serious happened. Folks in a Country of law this guy suppose to be behind prison bars. Who is going to deliver us from the mess we are in? Insecurity alone can bring a whole Nation to its knee.

  3. Dis man is a very wicked man. A woman who made him who he is 2day,suddenly been drove out of her marital home cos of second wife who has send innocent girl 2 early grave. What a world! In ur next world u wouldn’t go 4 2nd wife.

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