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The Hidden Dangers Of Sending Your Children To Study Unsupervised In Canada

danger sending children study canada

The Hidden Dangers Of Sending Your Children To Study Unsupervised In Canada

Dear Nigerian parents,

I write this open letter to you as a cautionary tale, not to instill fear but to invoke awareness about a growing trend that’s alarmingly detrimental to our youths. As someone who has had close encounters with this issue, I urge you to take a moment and consider the implications of sending your children to study in Canada without adequate supervision.

A Disturbing Trend

In the past week alone, we have witnessed the disheartening cases of five Nigerian students who were forced to abandon their education due to marijuana addiction. This number is merely the tip of the iceberg, as many more go unreported. If you think it can’t happen to your child, think again. It’s a growing problem that needs to be addressed before it spirals further out of control.

The Lure of Freedom

The allure of the Western world, and Canada, in particular, is undeniable. The promise of a world-class education and the hope for a brighter future has led many of us to send our children abroad. However, the freedom and independence that such countries offer can be a double-edged sword, especially for young minds that aren’t yet equipped to handle such liberty responsibly.

The Cannabis Culture

Canada’s legalization of marijuana has made it easily accessible, and without proper guidance, your child could be at significant risk. Peer pressure and the desire to ‘fit in’ can make drug use look appealing, resulting in destructive habits that are hard to break. The drug has far-reaching consequences that not only affect physical health but also impact academic performance and future employability.

The Rise of Dangerous Behavior

Beyond marijuana, unsupervised teens are more likely to engage in other dangerous behaviors, like joining gangs, which could result in criminal records that haunt them for life. The notion of our children turning into ‘rascals and mafias’ isn’t a mere exaggeration; it’s a distressing reality that we must face head-on.

Think Twice

Before you send your child off with a one-way ticket to freedom, consider the repercussions. Without a steady, adult influence to guide them, your child is left to navigate through an entirely different cultural and social landscape on their own. Are they prepared for the challenges and temptations that will undoubtedly come their way?.

What Can Be Done?

If the idea of higher education in Canada still beckons, there are alternatives to sending your child off completely unsupervised:

  1. Family Relocation: If possible, consider relocating as a family, even temporarily, to ensure a stable environment for your child.
  2. Close Supervision: Sending your child to live with responsible relatives or family friends who reside in Canada can offer the needed oversight.
  3. Regular Check-ins: Maintain regular communication with your child and set up frequent video calls to discuss not just their academic progress, but also their social life, mental health, and overall well-being.
  4. Professional Guidance: Invest in a life coach or counselor who specializes in youth and can provide an additional layer of guidance.
  5. Community Support: Connect your child with social or religious communities that can offer moral and ethical guidance.
  6. Study Groups: Encourage your child to engage with academic peers in a supervised setting to reduce free, idle time that could be spent unwisely.

Why It Matters

Sending your child to Canada without sufficient preparation and guidance is akin to sending them into a battlefield unarmed. The risks are just too high, and the cost — not just financial but emotional and psychological — can be enormous. The impact of such decisions can reverberate for a lifetime, affecting not just the child in question but the entire family and, by extension, our community.

Education is a Partnership

Remember, education is not just about schools, degrees, or job prospects. It’s a formative journey that shapes the kind of people our children become. Let’s not focus only on the destination but also pay attention to the experiences that mold them along the way. For an education to be genuinely enriching, it must be a partnership between the school, the child, and most importantly, us as parents.

Final Word

This is a wake-up call to all parents, prospective parents, and guardians contemplating this path for their youngsters. We must weigh the pros and cons and be absolutely sure that our children are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Because, believe it or not, those challenges are unlike any they would face at home.

Your child’s future is too valuable to be left to chance. Think carefully, plan wisely, and make informed decisions that you won’t regret later. The well-being of our children and the generations to follow rests in our hands.

Thank you for giving this urgent matter the attention it deserves.


A Concerned Parent and Citizen

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