Daughter Of Female Street Preacher Killed In Abuja Nigeria Says Extremists Slit Mother’s Throat

gospel preacher murdered abuja nigeria

July 11, 2016 – Daughter Of Female Gospel Preacher Murdered In Abuja Nigeria Says Extremists Slit Mother’s Throat

15-year-old Jessica Olawale revealed to VP’s wife how some extremists murdered her mother over the weekend.

While crying uncontrollably, the SS2 student said her mom was killed like an animal by some merciless human beings around 5:30am on Saturday the 9th July 2016 in Kubwa, a satellite town in Abuja.

The girl who refused consolation said nobody can understand her pain.

Hear what Jessica told Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo yesterday:

“Everybody is just saying it is well, nobody can understand how I feel. “She is innocent; she didn’t do anybody any harm. She uses just her megaphone and bible; just preaching. They just killed her like a chicken and left her there.”

May God comfort the seven children the deceased preacher left behind.

16 thoughts on “Daughter Of Female Street Preacher Killed In Abuja Nigeria Says Extremists Slit Mother’s Throat

  1. Isl** is a very Dangerous and bloody religion. The World should Unite and extiminate this evil call religion. Muslim are all Monsters haters, extremist even the President is an extremist. wicked region that preaches killing

  2. I bet these guys will be freed again ……How can some group of useless sycophants kill an innocent woman ,just like that.If at all she was disturbing your mosque,why dont you call the police or rather chase her away.You guys are blood sucking demons period .I know for sure that its not easy to take someone’s life just like that except you guys are on drugs or simply cultist.

  3. I bet you guys no moslem will come out openly to discredit their acts ……they will just keep silent,Evil people.Tell me how are you different from ISIS?

  4. What is this Maloo with bad English who chooses to abbreviates his damned name as “M“ saying?
    May the next available thunder in Heaven strike ****** kind there, *****.

    I take a stroll…

    • I always want to read your comment on here cos you make alot of sense most time. Let me ask you a question HUNTER. dont they have Yoruba muslims, Igbo muslimms, Edo , Igala, etc? do they commit such an act? you dont attack the whole muslims because some stupd hausa muslims are blood thirsty idiots. Please not all muslims are bad, most of us are peace loving people who coexist comfortably with other religion, who even attend churches for weddings, who even celebrate christmas and kill chicken for the celebration. i see you as a sensible and exposed person, please dont prove me wrong

  5. Whenever any tragedy like this happens, we all express our emotions and end it right there. My question is why do we have all these Lawmakers? What is their job? are they not paying to deliberate and amend the law whenever the situation is going out of proportion like this one. This is a serious issue and we have to address it immediately. Procrastinating this action will destabilize our national peace. If the job of our legislators is only to report at their office and share our money then, I think we really don’t need them. A Country is not a Country when its citizens cannot go about their daily activities without fear of being lynch. We have to do something about these extremists before it escalate to religion war and we must do it right now. Also to our Northern Muslims and Elites, it is time for you to start educating and reorienting your youths about religion. Let them know that other religions must be tolerated if we want us to remain as a Country. I’m glad that some of our northern brothers are now educated unlike before and they should enlighten the non educated among them about the danger in promoting religion conflict. Muslims from all Geo political zones must have a serious meeting on how to put an end to this illogical killing of christian counterparts. It is going to be catastrophe if this Country is divided by religion conflict rather than political means.

  6. my dear God understand how u feel. the God we serve will see u ppl thro. as for the ppl that did this evil act God wil judge them. they wil surely pay.

    BLOOD SUCKING DEMONS that is what they are.

    RIP beloved sister in Christ.

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