Davido Joins Nollywood In John Zerebe Movie: David Adekele Lands 1st Movie Role

davido joins nollywood

May 14, 2014 – Davido Joins Nollywood In John Zerebe Movie: David Adekele Lands 1st Movie Role

Nigerian hip hop icon, Davido has landed his first movie role. The popular omo baba olowo is set to act alongside Genevieve Nnaji and others in an upcoming movie produced by Ikechukwu Ojeogwu.

The movie titled John Zerebe will be directed by Teco Benson.

The movie producer said he plans to bring Genevieve Nnaji on board. “I have not yet decided on the female lead. But my eyes are on Genevieve Nnaji. Having her and Davido in the same movie will surely be a huge hit. The major challenge now is that Genevieve is younger and may not fit-in well, as the character of the lead actress demands.

When the producer was asked to explain his choice of Davido, he said: “The choice of Davido is not to make the film accepted by the general public. I believe that my cousin, Davido, really fits the role for which he was chosen. This was not favouritism. Although Davido may have become a huge success in the music world, this is his first time in a movie.”

He also added that the choice of Teco Benson was to realize the potential of the script as an “action-packed” movie. “The choice of Teco is obvious. John Zerebe is action-packed and the best person to direct the movie is no other person than Teco. I will be playing the lead role, even as the producer. I put everything together to make it unique. John Zerebe is about a young and smart guy who wants to live a big life at an early age. He wants to achieve everything within the twinkle of an eye. This leads him into different abuses, doing all sorts of things for quick money.”

Ojeogwu, who expressed gratitude to his mother for supporting his career, said Davido is quite delighted and supportive of this project. “He has a lot at stake. Apart from the financial stake, his image is also at stake, so he’s taking this as serious as any other business.”

Can’t wait to see Davido in his first movie….