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Davido & NYSC Officials Slammed For Turning Iyana Ipaja Lagos Orientation Camp Into Party Zone

davido nysc orientation camp entertainment zone

Davido & NYSC Officials Slammed For Turning Iyana Ipaja Lagos Orientation Camp Into Party Zone.

It is no longer news that star singer David Adeleke aka Davido has registered to serve his fatherland exactly 3 years after he graduated from Babcock university but what is trending is the fact that the young musician has turned the National Youth Service Corps organization into joke as his appearance at the Iyana Ipaja orientation camp has turned the place into a fun fare with no serious activity.

A source who is currently serving at the same location said she is frustrated that the officials who supposed to call Davido to order are the ones running after him for photos.

davido nysc camp party zone

“I even heard an official asking him for connection, what kind of thing is that. I’m really angry that my fatherland has put power into the hands of entertainers. If all we do in this country is entertainment, what will the future of our kids be. Davido should not be forced on us as a role model as his lifestyle is not worthy of emulation”.



  1. Keep it real

    August 31, 2018 at 12:17 AM

    well forcing Davido on you guys is kinda awful but his lifestyle can be worth emulating if you have the kind of destiny he has…
    In Nigeria, Rich kid + rich dad=?

    • Ras Bench

      August 31, 2018 at 2:18 AM

      Keeping it real, You are tooking the word of my open mouths. You wise o. Was you smoke the same igbo wey I am smoke? Is a weldon. Is a braha indu. Vidic indu. Mzibic indu. Smoke igbo indu. I like igbo o. When my wife is a borner of pikin, I am a maker of sure say I am rubbing igbo for her breast, so that when pikin is suk breast, is also suk igbo join. Is a Ras pikin. Pikin indu. Mwe mwe indu. Nya nya indu. Rasta indu. Ras Bench indu. Mrs Eranko indu. Hunter indu. Keeping it real indu. Moses indu. Elijah indu. All of us indu.

  2. Ras Bench

    August 31, 2018 at 1:58 AM

    Hungry is kill every all the body for the camp. So why is you vex say pipuls is use the opochunity to chop? Na wetin was you think is hapun bifor? Is not everyday wey you are see eagles. So if you see eagles, make sure say you are commot the eagle fether. Is our politics have dabaru our country. Bicos it make pipul hungry and governo is come to buy vote with odinary N2000 or N3000. If pipuls are sell their vote for Nigeria, why is pipuls no go turn party into within the inside camping lojj of NYSC? Is a one in a lifer. Use am or kill am. It not hapun again. So is opochunity. Abeg leave them in their alone. Is small thing weyris use to sabi pipuls weyris jelosy to Davido. Bicos if is you weyris star, are you not followment of do? You must be followment of do the same. Is feeding the pipuls. Is a stomach infrastrulcho. Feed them to chop. If igbo dey, make them smoke. If is me weyris cenebity like Davido and is finish for a univasty, and is do NYSC in campus camping camp, I go do party o. I go first of all dash every all the body free igbo to smoke weeeeeeeeeee. It make their mouth waaaaaaaaaaa. It do their brain titittitititititititititititi. It do their eyes like say they want to sleep. The eyes is close like it not see again, but it see sharp o. I go dash them igbo for kitchen to use am cook rice and also use am cook soup. If they chop the igbo soup finish, their body is fine like small pikin weyris born now by mama. Igbo is good o. If you want to see vision, just smoke orijinal igbo and you go see orijinal vision. You fit even see Nigeria where she tie wrapper like old woman come de sell tomato.

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