Dayo Amusa & Joseph Benjamin Dating?

dayo amusa joseph benjamin

Feb 10, 2014 – Dayo Amusa & Joseph Benjamin Dating?

Nollywood actress and movie producer Dayo Amusa recently shared the above photo of herself and Nollywood actor Joseph Benjamin on Instagram.

Dayo captioned the photo ” #maboo #mafriend u say wetin?”

The actress claims the actor is now her boo….

The single actress wished for good things unfortunately Nollywood stars hardly make good marriage partners.

Ok madam we hear you o.

5 thoughts on “Dayo Amusa & Joseph Benjamin Dating?

  1. This match is definitely not made in heaven
    I know Joseph Benjamin very well, he can’t marry Yoruba ladies
    Be warned Amusa u ain’t find a boo yet

  2. Ol boy , you never reach your destination o. No be this girl. Abi you are the “bold man” she has been talking about?
    Shine ya eye o.

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