D’banj Missed Peter Okoye’s Wedding, Stuck In South Africa

dbanj stuck in south africa

Nov 17, 2013 – D’banj Missed Peter Okoye’s Wedding Ceremony, Stuck In South Africa

Kokomaster D’banj is not happy at the moment after getting stuck in South Africa where he went to perform.

He took to his Twitter few hours ago to inform Peter Okoye that there are no flights coming to Nigeria from South Africa today.

loved the show but now I’m stuck here as no flights out today and now I’m missing my brother’s wedding @peterPsquare

“This is the time I really wish I had that Jet. I swear whosoever said it was a luxury lied. It’s a necessity and God go do am…” – said Dbanj on Twitter

10 thoughts on “D’banj Missed Peter Okoye’s Wedding, Stuck In South Africa

  1. no mind dbanj na so him do, no come 2face wedding,now na peter of psquare,when him go do his own, nobody go come o.wayo man

  2. Am bases in south africa. Dbanj u are lying! South African airways flys on sundays so does Arik airline. So stop giving excuses. U don’t want to attend. Mtchewwwww……..

  3. If his blood brother could.miss d wedding right under his nose,which one b dbanj own.maybe dem plan am abi?

  4. See all of them abusing Dbanj, despite the fact that he tried to explain. Even his blood brother missed it and u and criticising Dbanj. Smh 4 u all

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