Dead Man Wakes Up At His Funeral In Zimbabwe

dead man wakes up burial zimbabwe

May 16, 2013 – Dead Man Wakes Up At His Burial In Zimbabwe

A one of a kind life event took place at a recent funeral in Zimbabwe when a dead man suddenly wakes up from his coffin.

The remains of Brighton Dama Zanthe, a 34-year-old man shocked mourners when they noticed the dead man twitching his legs

A mourner identified as Lot Gaka, the employer of the deceased said: “I was the first to notice Zanthe’s moving legs as I was in the queue to view his body. This shocked me. We called an ambulance immediately. It’s a miracle and people are still in disbelief.

The deceased passed away last Sunday at his home in Zimbabwe. He was laid to rest in a coffin pending his burial on Monday.

According to The Chronicle newspaper, Mr Zanthe said he has no recollection of how he “died” nor how he was “resurrected,” as his memory only returned when he woke up in a hospital in Gweru 140 miles southwest of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare.

“Everything is history to me. What I can only confirm is that people gathered at my house to mourn but I was given another chance and I am alive. I feel OK now.

Whaooo what a miracle… What could have happened if they had buried him the same day he died.

14 thoughts on “Dead Man Wakes Up At His Funeral In Zimbabwe

  1. Datz why if somebody die don’t even try to take him or her to d mortuary,especially wen someone go to bed & didn’t wakeup.

  2. God is great,wholesome and Unfathomable.if you don’t belief in the greatness and mysterious work of God you are a dead man.thank God the man doesnot belong to those that practice immediate interment the man would have gone for ever.please let me ask this question,if this man was burried immediately….who would have been responsible for the dead?meaning many are murderer today without knowing Lord have mercy.God is not interested in the dead of a youth let us stop taken peoples life under the pretex of fighting for God.I thank God i serve a God that watch over me,fight for me and not the other way round.are you the one fighting for your God or your God is like my God who says”I will fight for you and you will hold your peace…have a nice week end friends.

  3. You made a point there! Thank God the man was not a victim of a particular religious belief that says a man should be buried after 24hrs of death. I think many lives has gone through tht process. God help us.

  4. Praise God for His Faithfulness,please come to Jesus and hold Him ,you and your family,God of Miracles.

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