Deji Of Akure’s Corpse: Dead Body Of Killed Nigerian King Placed On Throne

deji of akure corpse

December 17, 2013 – Deji Of Akure’s Corpse: Dead Body Of Killed Nigerian King Placed On His Throne

The corpse of a popular traditional ruler in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, Oba Adebiyi Adesida who passed away few weeks ago has been placed on his throne.

The dead body of Afunbiowo II, Deji of Akure who was reportedly killed by some chiefs over his position was placed on his High Chair on Tuesday December 17th, 2013 as part of the tradition in Akure Kingdom.

According to tradition, this is a way to pay their farewell to the late traditional ruler.

On hearing the news, curious residents of Akure trooped to Deji of Akure’s palace to behold the corpse of their late king.

He reportedly passed away few weeks ago of an apparent spiritual attack that came in form of persistent headache. Unconfirmed reports claim he died of cancer.

See Deji of Akure‘s corpse below. Viewers discretion is advised.

deji of akure dead body

Isn’t this a taboo in Yoruba land?

8 thoughts on “Deji Of Akure’s Corpse: Dead Body Of Killed Nigerian King Placed On Throne

  1. It’s a big taboo and the people that killed him are making mockery of him
    This is why I can never marry a king.
    Deji of Akure came all the way from abroad to become a king and now they have killed him Wicked people

  2. The fact that it is their tradition doesn’t make it right.
    In the Yorubaland if a King dies, people must be banned from seeing him.
    Ti oba ba waja, a kiiii wooo.

  3. When I met him wen he was alive,he was a nice man I used to love his judgement…….now he is gone so painful but who ar we to judge,may God grant him eternal rest

  4. Well…..I pity him, but let be realistic……..he’s successor is still alive, a king must die before having new king, d old king is still alive, now Akure can have a real king. Adieu

  5. all i will say is that eni ti o pa ki o ma ku mo, make the killer stay in life forever . but kabiyesi make u no sleep o, pls fish out your killers… we miss u

  6. It is obvious that if he had cancer and was complaining of a headache, he had cancer brain tumor . No one killed him. Did they carry out an autopsy on him ?

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