Dele Momodu Decries Blackout At MMIA Airport In Lagos Nigeria

blackout mmia lagos airport

Dec 8th, 2013 – Dele Momodu Decries Blackout At MMIA Int’l Airport In Lagos Nigeria

The publisher of Ovation magazine, Mr Dele Momodu on Saturday took to his Twitter page to narrate his terrible ordeal at MMIA airport in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria moments after his arrival from Kotoka airport in Ghana.

The popular businessman landed Lagos yesterday from his trip to Accra Ghana and to his surprise, he met a terrible blackout at Nigeria’s #1 international airport.

He shared narrative photos of his ordeal with caption. Check them out below:

Good evening. I’ve decided to tweet this not out of malice but to show Aviation Minister how bad MMIA is!

blackout mmia lagos airport

We landed from Accra this morning and came down to the Tarmac, climbed up a rickety ladder and darkness!

We then turned back thru the same humid bridge and was confronted by this dangerous void!

blackout at mmia airport lagos

Any wrong move, a passenger might trip over and land with his head scattered on the Tarmac!

It is unbelievable that passengers can be asked to risk their lives passing thru this dangerous hole!

We climbed down this shaky bridge back to the Tarmac to try another route into the Terminal!

Someone should Pls let Princess know the Lagos airport is in a disastrous state and needs urgent attention!

Kotoka International Airport

I was ashamed when I remembered that we boarded effortlessly at this Kotoka International Airport!

If at this day an age, Ghana is developing faster than us, then something is definitely wrong.

No wonder Dele Momodu took his Christmas Carol program to Accra this year.

This is very painful when will Nigeria change for the better?

20 thoughts on “Dele Momodu Decries Blackout At MMIA Airport In Lagos Nigeria

  1. what do u expect when a corrupt i*** woman was made the head of the aviation sector? All the money Nigeria needs to renovate the airport has been used to buy bullet proof cars for stella oduah
    Nigeria can never change unless these i*** people are sent packing mark my words. naijagists pls stop deleting my comments
    u know am telling the truth

  2. Please enough is enough from the news I have been reading since January over 10 major blackouts have been reported at mmia airport
    Please fire Stella Oduah and let’s have a better person
    There is fire on the mountain

  3. Nigeria is blessed with people full of self Interest….Only GOD can intervene…Naija people Suffering and Smiling….LMAO

  4. 3rd world country and they have swear to die so,sorry to all the good people that are live there,shame on the bleached brains that are in charge,look at the way they drag nigeria lion of Africa’s name in the mud,why capitalise the name of the state when she should be a local govt with the cursed people that lead her.I am very happy and grateful for my dad for making a better life for me and the rest of my family outside that shit hole that is full evil leaders.SHAME ON YOU.sorry for the few good ones down there God will make a way for you to see light in Jesus name.Even a local airport can’t be in blackout,How on earth will you know when you are under attack,national shame for xmas one of the most active season of the year.

  5. Is stella odua now the new NEPA manager? Everybody should do his or her bit and the country will move forward! Haters leave this woman ALONE!

  6. It is a pity that nigerians wasted their precious time and votes for Goodluck, But all we could get is the opposite. Anyway, there is another chance obviously on the way for all nigerians to decide come let us endure till then.

  7. How much more louder should Nigerians cry before the three man committee set up to investigate this woman hasten their investigation and tell Nigerians their findings? It is a shame that things are deteriorating and nobody is doing anything, even the EFCC. Who claimed to be on the side of Nigerians, they seems to be working on profiling aka man know man basis. Our Airport is a fundamental aspect of our country it portrays the image of Nigeria as the first point of entry. Please, President Jonathan do something before this woman completely damage your reputation and that of the entire government.

  8. God will visit d plunderers of Nigeria with d plague of d Egyptians, they will end in destruction and have no peace.

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