“Deport Woolwich Killer Michael Adebolajo To Nigeria” – Transgendered Miss Sahhara

michael adebolajo deported nigeria

December 24, 2013 – “Deport Woolwich Killer Michael Adebolajo To Nigeria” – Transgendered Miss Sahhara

British-Nigerian man Michael Adebolajo and his bossom friend Michael Adebowale were found guilty of beheading British Soldier Lee Rigby on Friday 20th of December 2013.

Nigeria’s first transgendered man Oche Clifford aka Miss Sahhara who said she was jailed in Nigeria for her homosexuality has called for the deportation of the British-Nigerian men back to Nigeria.

Hear what Miss Sahhara said:

“DEPORT THE BASTARD! Why did they shield his identity? Please deport the fool back to Nigeria. I hate the wars, but I hate what his brother and the religious extremists are doing to this country more! Poor Lee Rigby did not deserve that! So annoying! THIS IS WHY I’LL CONTINUE TO HATE ALL RELIGIONS…They are all as bad as each other!”

Oche Clifford was a Nigerian guy who turned himself to a woman on getting to the United Kingdom. Read more about him here.

These killers were born in Britain so of what use is deporting them to Nigeria?

9 thoughts on ““Deport Woolwich Killer Michael Adebolajo To Nigeria” – Transgendered Miss Sahhara

  1. Oche you are not morally qualified to judge these men. Your offence is not pardonable
    God made you a man and you changed yourself to a woman
    Abeg to sit down joor

  2. cliford oji di second, u wil perish in hell 4 changing d way God made u. those 2 men can repent and pray to God for forgiveness wit open heart while in prison and God wil forgive them. but as for u, God wil never forgiv u

  3. Clifford whatever you call yourself you got shut up your dirty mouth because you’re not in position to judge that ugly bastard butcher.

  4. Someone should let Oche know that the killer’s citizenship is by birth and if Oche is a citizen and misbehaves his own citizenship will be revoked in seconds and Oche will be deported…

  5. Is this filthy immoral individual qualified to contribute to public discourse on matters of morality. ‘He’ is better address ‘his’ mind to his mental disfunction that has made him opt for a transgendered infedile individual. Does he know his very existence as a functional normal humanbeing has been urterlly and eternally compromised. He should seek sympathy and forgiveness from the Lord first before opening his dirty mouth to contrbute to matters of morality.

  6. Turning urself 4rm man to woman is bad. Killing someone, beheading him in d name of religion is stupidity of d highest order. I wish God wud nt for give dis particuler sin. Smh!

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