Meet Nigeria’s 1st Transgender Man, Oche Clifford Now A Woman, Miss Sahhara


nigerian transgender man miss sahhara

May 27, 2012 – Nigeria’s 1st Transgender Man Contest In Beauty Pageant As A Woman

Meet Nigeria’s 1st Transgender Man, Oche Clifford Now A Woman, Miss Sahhara

The person in the picture above was born a man in Nigeria.
His legal name is Oche Clifford.

After an obvious genital and hormone replacement surgery, Clifford now carries himself in a woman’s skin as Miss Sahhara.

According to a reliable source, Mr Clifford use to live in popular area of Abuja years ago before relocating to the United Kingdom.

He is extremely stunning isn’t he?
Guys if you were to meet this kind babe-man in a club, how would you be able to tell he’s a man?

Our men must be careful nowadays because there are lots of transgender dudes rocking it I tell yah!

These trans-dudes look hotter than most chicks I know. Some guys would have toasted am finish and even gotten intimate before they see wetin their eye no fit handle.

To further complicate matter, some Nigerian even left messages on his you tube video thinking he is a woman (lol)


Check out the videos of him doing his thing at the Miss International Queen Pageant in Pattaya, Thailand.

oche clifford miss sahhara

Miss Sahhara, Nigeria’s First Transgender Man

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Miss Sahhara Music Video

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