Desmond Elliot Joins Politics Thru Labour Party, Plans To Contest For House Of Rep

desmond elliot joins politics

December 20, 2013 – Desmond Elliot Joins Politics Thru Labour Party, Plans To Contest For House Of Rep

Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot is set to join the huge list of movie stars who have turned politicians.

As we speak, the talented movie producer has joined the Labour Party of Nigeria.

Desmond Elliot has spoken about the man he wants to be the next governor of Lagos state. The actor wants Jimi Agbaje to head Lagos next.

His BB status lately has mostly been about politics and the labour party.

Check out his recent BB message:

“Well, I want a better and more comfortable LAGOS. I’m willing to exchange my ‘in-action’ and ‘silence’ to speak up for a leader who will give me the Lagos of my DREAMS.

I have established that making Jimi Kolawole Agbaje governor, is one of my priorities and I’m off to work on that. Join the MOVEMENT!!Its JAYKAY 2015 The hope has begun”.

Other celebrities who have joined politics in the past include Richard Mofe Damijo, Onyeka Onwenu, Hilda Dokubo, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Kanayo O Kanayo and many others.

11 thoughts on “Desmond Elliot Joins Politics Thru Labour Party, Plans To Contest For House Of Rep

  1. Nollywood no dey pay again o. You can make money that will last you a lifetime in politics all under one year.
    Smart moves

  2. Desmond Elliot has no business in politics except with the intention of stealing. Politics is not made for people like you

  3. But this Desmond Elliot is not a Nigerian, what does he want in Nigerian politics. He claims his mother is from the East but was short of telling Nigeria who the father is and from which state except his Siera Leonean leaneage. Simple question is; what is your Nigerian name,? pls not your father’s name, I mean the name that identifies you with nation Nigeria. Your Desmond Elliot name sounds too foreign and if you took these names strategically for your acting business, then its time to change those colonialist name cos you are now a Nigerian politician.

  4. I found out on this page that nigerian does not love one another,some people does not believe those in the politics are human imagin an average.nigerian expressing is desire and some people are not happy about it. Abeg desmond carry go joor shey abacha na naija ni

  5. Its good o but pesonaly I tink an actor or atress in2 politics is d beginin of dia downfal in2 nolywod, just b careful, u’l make money no doubt but ur popularity may begon.

  6. Desmond Elliot are slave names, trully those names are more Sierra Leone/Liberian colonialists names reminescent of names given by slave masters. If Desmond is trully a Nigerian let him come clear which tribe or state he comes from. Nigerians I know are very proud of their root Nigerian names, this Desmond Elliot thing is just too odd for a black man.

  7. Yes oo, Desmond; nobody cares if you choose to call yourself Bill Clinton but now that you want to go into politics. Nigerians will be interested in who you really are,? political office is a public office and therefore every facts about your identity must be known to Nigerians, you are no longer to operate behind the camera, establishing your true identity is one of the menu on all political dinning table. DESMOND ELLIOT name is no Nigerian name.

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