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Diseases That Cause Early Death And Prevention

diseases that cause early death prevention

Diseases That Cause Early Death & Prevention Tips

In this article, we will discuss what kills human beings and in particular the causes of early death. In general, these causes can be broadly grouped into two classes if we are to follow the standard of World Health Organisation.

The groups are Communicable (infections in general) and Non-Communicable Diseases. Examples of communicable disease will be tuberculosis, typhoid, Ebola, yellow fever and including malaria.

Non-communicable diseases will include high blood pressure, diabetes, mental health related disorders and so forth.

To make it easier for us to grasp, I will class the causes of afflictions and deaths into seven categories. You should take a good note of them.

Genetic and Chromosomal Disorders: We don’t choose our parents. No one does. There are many illnesses that human beings may inherit from their parents. An unfortunate situation that is not due to the fault of the sufferer.

Common example of this type of illness is sickle cell disease (SCD). An abnormality in the chromosomes or genes in a parent or both parents may be passed into the yet unborn child.

In unfortunate situation where the abnormality is found in both parents and the two combined in the child, the child may suffer severely as we have seen in SCD.

Prevention: Before marriage or before committing to having children, it may be very necessary to undergo medical assessment. The assessment will help you to discover genetic illnesses that may harm the next generation.

Further, the assessment may help you to avoid having a disabled or ill children. In some occasions having a “normal” partner may result in perfectly normal children that avoids the genetic illnesses. A person who is SS should not marry or have children with AS or SS.

The risk of having an SS child is very high indeed. Rather SS person should endeavor to have AA partner. All resulting children will be AS. Similarly, AS and AS should not combine in sexual relationship for it may result in SS children by chance.

Nutritional Disorders: Simply put, this is a class of illnesses that is due to food and the drink we take. It may be that we failed to take enough of certain food such as vitamins, protein, or fat and carbohydrates.

It may also be that we have taken some in excess. In childhood, failure to take enough protein may result in kwashiorkor or beriberi.

In adult, lack of adequate vitamin ingestion such as in alcoholics may lead to brain diseases such as Korsakoff’s Psychosis. Malnutrition could result in both adult, children and elderly.

Prevention: environment is full of varieties of foods. You should eat balanced diets on daily basis: A balanced diet consists of carbohydrates (say yam, cocoyam, gari, etc) plus fat ( a little oil) plus protein (milk, beans, fish, meat —avoid red meat), vitamins (fruits like pawpaw, grape, apple, and vegetables), clean water. Eat in measured amount to keep your weight under check.

Cancers: Cancer is a major killer of men, women and children. Common cancers are in men, prostate and lung cancers. In women, common cancers are breast, cervix and lung cancers.

Other cancers are liver, colon/bowel, brain and blood cancers. The origin of cancers is complex. In some cases, cancers such as cervix may be due to our human behavior. In others, cancer occur on its own.

Prevention: Some cancers such as breast and cervix may be prevented by vigilance and self-examination on periodic basis. By self-examination of breast, women can detect a growth early and report same to the doctors.

The examination will last less than 2 minutes in front of dressing mirror once a week. Cervical smear test 3-yearly will help eradicate cancer of the cervix.

Cancer of the bowel can be monitored and prevented by means of colonoscopy especially for a family with history of such cancers. Cancer of the prostate require both ultrasound, physical examination by doctors and also PSA blood test on annual basis.

Someone with a family history of ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer will need more vigilance as such individuals are more prone to developing family-linked cancers as listed above.

Exercise are on record to be able to prevent at least thirteen common cancers such as bowel, breast, prostate, womb and many others. Similarly, what you eat or fail to eat may also prevent cancer. Cancer of stomach, liver and gullet are associated with alcohol abuse.

Infection such as human papilloma virus are associated with cancer of the anus, vagina, throat and cervix. Hepatitis B and C virus may cause liver cancer. For infection, vaccination against and prompt treatment may prevent such cancers.

We will continue this article next week.

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