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Do You Know Who You Are By Modupe Eka

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Do You Know Who You Are By Modupe Eka

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Sept 3rd, 2014 – Do You Know Who You Are By Modupe Eka

Has anybody ever wondered why they act differently from others when faced with similar circumstances or experiences in life? Or have you ever tried to search out the root of all misunderstandings?

Subconsciously, people sometimes ask: “Do you know who I am?” or “Who do you think you are?” This column is packaged to answer these questions and many others which border on variation in the personality types of human beings. We all know that our differences in life are not based on our physical appearance alone. There is more to us than meets the eye.

The expression of our personalities affects all areas of our lives. In fact, there is no other influence in your life that is more powerful than your personality or temperament. Therefore, knowing your personality and your personality borders, is very important. Webster’s Collegiate dictionary defines personality as, ‘The complex of characteristics that distinguishes an individual or a nation or group, the totality of an individual behaviour and emotional characteristics’.

Knowing what we mean by the term personality, we can now look into how it works and why such huge premium is placed on it. More than anything else our personality, that is, the way we are wired, our behavioural style, or temperament tends to influence the way we think and view the world. Knowing and understanding who you are through your personality style will improve your life and open doors to success.

We spend years in school developing our intelligence to effectively use our minds. Developing our unique personality to effectively use our behaviour is just as vital to successful living. The most important and highest paid form of intelligence is social intelligence, that is, your ability to get along well with other people. Our Personality is healthy to the degree to which we are able to get along well with many other people.

Studies have shown that technical skills, beginning with intelligence and developed through education and experience, account for only 15 per cent success. All of 85 per cent of your happiness in life comes from your relationships with other people. The doorway to this 85 per cent of our happiness is having a clear insight into our personality.

When you are able to understand yourself through your personality style, understand others through their personality style, adapt your personality style in dealing with others, then you will begin to experience better result and more success in what you do. You will enjoy more fun in life and better friendships with people, you will enjoy, more peace and harmony, better understanding with those you care about, above all you will experience less frustration when working with people. A lack of understanding of yourselves and others can lead to real problems such as tension, disappointment, hurt feelings, unmet expectations, and poor communication. The good news is that there is a simple key to understanding yourself and others – how people behave and how they are motivated.

We call the concept the DISC model of human behaviour. This concept will help you to unlock the mystery behind good people skills you will be able reduce conflict, improve productivity and relate with others more effectively.

The starting point is to understand yourself, remember you are original, never before, since the dawn of time has anybody been exactly like you and never again, throughout the ages to come will there be anybody exactly like you. You must make the most of your individuality.

Next time we will consider the four types of personality, based on the DISC model of human behaviour. See you at the top.

•Modupe Eka is a consultant, trainer of the D.I.S.C model of human behavior, a graduate of English language, with teaching background, she is a Public speaker and by practice a counselor and an expert in relationship and communication she runs seminars and workshop for cooperate and private institutions on topics as sexual health, parent/child relationship and cooperate/ effective team building. She has organized and runs various youth empowerment programs. Together with her team they have done extensive work with many Redeem Christian church of God parishes within the Lagos environs. For contact and enquires,

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1 Comment

  1. princet

    September 3, 2014 at 3:13 PM

    well said @ dr phil

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