Join Bishop David Oyedepo On Domi Radio, Empower Ur Spirit Man..Android, iPad Apps Available


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Sept 6, 2014 – Join Bishop David Oyedepo On Domi Radio, Empower Your Spirit Man, Download Android, iPad App

Thank God it is Saturday, a time to relax, unwind and reflect.

The most important decision we can all make in a day is to spend it with God.

Do not allow your emotions to govern your decision, action and reactions today.

Learn to allow your spirit man to over rule your natural man and the best way to do this is to develop a strong inner man that will overcome all oppositions.

A strong spirit man will make you a winner any day anytime.

Invest time to develop your spirit man today by listening to the word of faith.

Join Bishop Oyedepo on Domi Radio today to hear the encouraging words of faith that will strengthen you.

Visit to listen live.

You can also download the apps to your android at

You can download it on Itunes at

About Domi Radio: It is a station that is dedicated primarily to promote the good news of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and to preach the Word of Faith . This Radio is part of the tools used by Bishop Oyedepo to actualize the mandate given to him to preach the Word of faith.

Happy weekend