Donald Trump Unapologetic Over Racist Comment About African Nations As AU Demands Apology

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Sunday January 14, 2018 – AU Demands Retraction Of Donald Trump’s Racist Comment About Africa, Calls For Respect Of Human Dignity

Donald Trump Unapologetic Over Racist Comment About African Nations As AU Demands Apology & Retraction

US President Donald Trump has refused to apologise even as African Union Ambassadors demanded a retraction of the vile and racist comment he used to describe Haiti and some African Nations during a meeting on Thursday.

On Friday, Mr Trump said the language he used was tough but refused to back down or retract the statement even as African Union ambassadors demanded an apology.

Illinois Democratic Senator Richard Durbin who attended the meeting insisted on Friday that Donald Trump used the vile racist remark attributed to him repeatedly.

Here is a statement African Union Ambassadors released yesterday to demand an apology from Trump.

Donald Trump has been named the most controversial President in US history for his unguarded utterance after spending 358 days in office.

His campaign statement “Make America Great Again” has since been turned to “Make America White Again” by Human Rights activists for his recent vulgar remarks.

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9 thoughts on “Donald Trump Unapologetic Over Racist Comment About African Nations As AU Demands Apology

  1. A leopard can never change its skin. America voted for a racist president and we should not expect anything less

  2. it is not in our nature to apologise to shithole countries get over it Africa
    If you dont’ like him return to your slums

  3. This man’s behaviour is iatrogenic, he doesn’t care about anyone except himself. What I can say is that most Americans feel this way but they keep it to themselves. Sometimes, I wonder how people forget how their fore parents came to America in rags and had to be quarantined like animals. Thank God, My father came to America in the 60’s and left after collecting his degree at Georgetown in the 70’s. I know some cretinous nonentities will like the insult, don’t worry, you will learn your lesson soon.

  4. @ proud American you must be a very fool, moron . When seriously checked, your generation migrated from Africa, in search of greener pasture and lost on the way useless fool

  5. AU leaders are expecting apology from the one leading a country they always run to for help. This is what is means to be under developed because developed countries will bully you and you cant do anything because of the crumbs from their table. AFRICA WAKE UP!!

  6. We r just as disgusted with his behavior. I apologize profusely. I love Haitians and all Africans. My familly and friends feel the same way. We didn’t vote for him.

  7. AU cannot condemn all the atrocities committed and still committing in Africa,they are just making noise about a man who love his own country. Where was AU when America and NATO were bombing Libya?, are they not hearing what’s going on in Nigeria and almost every country in the continent? Nonsense

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